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live streaming

  1. H

    Live streaming viewer comments not appearing on screen?

    Hi all!! Very happy to be here and new to the drone world. Just purchased the Mavric Air and am having an issue with regards to live streaming. Problem? Facebook, Youtube RTMP comments won't appear on the screen when I am live? I have no problems going live, tested it while the aircraft was on...
  2. heo3480

    Live Stream Drone Footage

    How To Live Stream Drone Footage with our Mavic 2 Pro or any other DJI Drone is pretty easy. In this video, I will show you how to set up a #drone #livestream for youtube
  3. JethroXP

    Live Streaming to

    I wanted to try live streaming to It works great using the Custom RTMP option in the DJI 4 Go app. Assuming you have a account (they're free) you can go to your Manage Channel page to find your local ingest server and your stream key by click the "Stream Setup" button and...
  4. T

    Live streaming to Youtube

    Any of you live streamers... If you are conducting multiple flights and live streaming on youtube, do you have to re-establish a new URL each time you change out batteries or can you continue to use the same one? Fill me in.... Thanks