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local laws

  1. C

    Local government doesn't mention drone laws.

    Flying a drone for commerical use and have gotten permission from the business. My local government doesn't have any information on their stance on drones. Just wondering if that means I defer to the FAA or if I should still ask my local government if it's ok to fly. I'm Part 107 licensed. Thanks!
  2. jmark

    Flying in Norway

    Hi, as a new Drone hobby enthusiast I was wondering where can I find upto date information on flying in Norway? I have a Mavic Pro and it seems to me that you do not require any licences, only that you follow 5 simple rules which are clearly lined out on the forum of the Norwegian Air...
  3. MavicBob

    Pre-empting local regulations

    Hope this topic hasn't been discussed at length, and I just didn't see it... I thought it may be useful to provide some basic info about drones and drone law to elected county and city leaders so they were better prepared to deal with any knee-jerk citizen demands for "drone laws". To that...