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long exposure

  1. A

    How to create light streaks and light trails using your drone

    I recently posted a picture potraying light-trails on a busy highway and got lots of questions bothering on the settings and how to create such with your drone. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to capture lightstreaks and trails using a drone. After choosing the perfect weather...
  2. C

    ICM and long exposure

    I'm working with long exposure and intentional camera movement. Zoom effects are easy but I can't get my M2P to spin during an exposure. So far it locks orientation, which makes sense if you only want sharp images. Does anyone know how to get the M2P to expose during rotational flight?
  3. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor, Mallorca Night Shots (Long Exposure) - with Mavic Air 2

    Hey! I have been experimenting with long exposure and smart photo during the evening/night with my Mavic Air 2! If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome! Late Evening Shots (Cala Millor & Sa Coma)
  4. namnb

    Longtime exposure

    Night shot from Social Distancing Area!
  5. hagman23

    Air 2 WNC Waterfalls Air 2 and 2S

    A couple waterfalls in western North Carolina as seen 06 | 02 | 2021 by my Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Air 2S Dry Falls | Highlands, NC Mavic Air 2 w/ ND 64 Filter at 1" exposure Quarry Falls (aka Bust Your Butt Falls) Mavic Air 2S with Freewell ND 1000 filter @ 3" exposure
  6. flyingstraight88

    First Attempt Long Exposure. ND1000

    I have always water to learn long exposure photography. My only goal is to be to get some motion blur. Decided to try Freewell ND1000 due to cheap price. I was able to get 1 second exposure (mid-day in bright sun at the beach.) being my first attempt, I was impressed with the results. I have a...
  7. S


    Not sure if this has been covered, but I’ve taken a few night shots/long exposures before, and had no issues. Flying yesterday evening around 10pm, with all the sensors on, full GPS mode, there was minimal wind and I was only flying 30m up, but the M2P would NOT stay still. Even on a 4second...
  8. larryc43230

    Long exposures and ND filters

    Anyone here do long-exposure still photography with their drone? If so, how do you manage it? I watched a couple of YouTube videos on the subject yesterday and almost bought a few neutral density (ND) filters of the darker variety. I already have a set of PolarPro ND filters (ND4, ND4/PL, ND8...
  9. I

    If you want Long exposure photography with the DJI Mavic Air.. Try these.

    If you want Long exposure photography with the DJI Mavic Air.. Try these.
  10. Charissa

    Long Exposure filters from Freewell

    Hi. I am brand new to this forum, and also a fairly brand new Mavic Air owner looking for good advise. I ordered Freewell Long Exposure ND 128, ND 256 and ND 400 filters. Anyone have them, any reviews, any images taken with them? Advise on photos and videos, regarding this filter set. Which one...
  11. ykwarks


    surprised to see what this little mavic can do with such a small sensor!
  12. B

    Long Exposure Seascape photos

    I'm enjoying the fun of adapting my terrestial photography to the drone. Today I was experimenting with my longest exposures yet. 5-second exposures and they images were sharp! Not all of them mind you, but if the wind is calm and you take a few photos, you can get sharp images at 5-second...
  13. M

    Still Image Artifacts and corruption raw hdr long exposure

    Sorry if this is duplicate but I got multiple images the other day with heavy artifacts. Maybe it has to do with HDR in combination with long exposure. Is this common? Metadata ISO 800 1/5 sec exposure on Mavic Pro (This is a raw image and I possibly used HDR mode with it)
  14. Annevanzwol

    Night shots

    Low wind so I took the opportunity to practice some long exposure shots. Stil struggling with the focus though
  15. MavicMikeGA

    Long Exposure Night Shot + Google AI = Dreamy Awesomeness

    I took my Mavic up to about 300 feet and took a long exposure shot which Google then stylized. I'd say the result is pretty darn impressive if not downright artistic. Here's the link to the album...