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  1. B

    Naïve question - WiFi is only LOS and satellites are for GPS, right?

    Stupid question, I'm afraid (but I have to say that this is the only forum I know that doesn't all gang up on someone asking seemingly obvious questions): After playing around with my MM, I have found that I can get around 600m in distance over the countryside with no obstructions and 800m by...
  2. Mad Mavic

    Long distance with battery change

    I'm curious if its possible to ignore the RTH and land at max distance from home, have someone to shut down the Mavic, change the battery, restart the Mavic, then the pilot take off and fly back. (yes I'm board LOL) I'm aware this infringes on the LOS rule, but as one poster said, doesn't...
  3. DownandLocked

    Line of Sight - Are most flights illegal?

    I have watched an incredible number of drone videos and it seems like most were flown beyond the pilot's line of sight. With the new popular high-tech drones, it seems like most are flying "FPV" by watching the video return from the on-board camera and are definitely not flying using...
  4. EpsonMoverio

    MOVERIO FPV Glasses Features & Tutorial

    The perfect complement to your DJI™ drone, Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses redefine First-person View (FPV), with a transparent display that makes it easy to view your drone’s video feed and key flight statistics, while keeping the aircraft in sight. Maintain a clear line of sight — transparent...