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lost drone

  1. S

    Lost DJI Mavic Pro - Quechee Gorge VT

    Hi - I crashed my drone into a tree near the Quechee Gorge Bridge on May 27, 2017. I tried to retrieve it but it was too high up, and the path to the tree was dangerous. If any fellow pilots see a DJI Mavic Pro abandoned in the area (e.g. washed up on the river bed), please contact me. I have...
  2. K

    Mavic lost connection and disapperared

    I had been flying for 9 minutes when I lost connection to the Mavic. It was 84 meters from me. The Mavic just rushed down and forward with max speed, not to the home point but to another location in to a tree crashing below it. Rth height was set to 100m. I have searched for it but cant find it...
  3. M

    Lost Mavic Pro flying over the base of Mt Fuji

    So this morning we lost our Mavic Pro flying over the lower glacier area at Mt Fuji. Because it's still the snowy season here in the Mt Fuji area of Japan, it's very difficult to get up to a decent starting elevation with good sight lines on the mountain. Ended up launching from the highest...
  4. F

    Lost my Mavic Pro in the CR Swart dam in Benoni...

    Hey guys and girls, I know this is a long shot as I don't think there are many Mavic owners in SA and more specifically in Benoni. But yesterday I lost my Mavic Pro in the CR Swart dam. Basically right in the middle... :(:(:( Battery was running low and flew it back "manually" after recording...
  5. K

    Tracking lost mavic down

    Hi guys need your help finding my Mavic :(. Was flying it up in Mt. Kosciuzko mountains and at one point the wind became too strong dragged it out towards another ridge. Lost connection 1-3 times trying to get it home even in sport mode (maybe should have increased the height). Landed or crashed...
  6. L

    Flying Mavic with controller ONLY?

    I recently did something pretty dumb, lost my Mavic. :mad::mad: I don't think I will be able to get it back, but have to ask anyway. I was flying it with just the remote controller since my iPhone was dead. It flew away and never came back. My question is there any way to get the GPS from the...
  7. D

    Fnding a Lost Mavic

    Stupid ! I made a number of mistakes, but the outcome is that I have lost my Mavic (backed into a tree, and crashed into undergrowth, but not sure which tree !!!). Despite searching over two afternoons with a number of people, we could not find it (the first afternoon was really bad -...
  8. B

    Lost Mavic Help!! I am terrified!

    Hello All, I lost my Mavic after 12 minutes of using it, everything was going smoothly, I started getting strong wind signals, I was flying over a farm with little interference, I got a lost signal initial then it cameback and I immediately hit the return button and suddenly it lost signal for...
  9. A


    On Saturday February 4th at 2.42 pm I lost my drone right next to the Santa Pier. The drone lost connection with my remote control and fell into the water. It most likely came washed into the shore , and perhaps got caught in seaweed. If someone found it, please contact me. It will not work, but...
  10. L

    Found Mavic pro. Looking for owner

    I found drone on Northside of chicago. Thought if I posted here it might make its way back to owner.
  11. Robbyg

    So What Does DJI Do About Lost Drones?

    After reading another lost drone post I am wondering what does DJI do in terms of helping the community get back our drones instead of them becoming hot sellers on eBay? DJI has the serial number of every drone and the registration info for activation. I assume if someone finds a drone they...