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lost drone

  1. D

    Lost Mavic Mini (flew out of control)

    Hello! I was flying my Mavic Mini on a calm day, all preflight checks seemed okay and the drone was preforming as normal. I flew the drone above my house up to about 150ft above to get a view of the sunset. Then almost immediately the drone jolted out of control, it seems as if one motor or...
  2. R

    Lost my Mavic Air and cant find it! Please help

    Hi, I was flying my drone all was good accept it was a little choppy at close proximity when i was flying it at the park. It was when I was hovering a tennis court and taking pictures that It suddenly lost transmission. I waited a little bit but was freaking out because it was only 400 feet...
  3. M

    Lost/Crashed Mavic Pro 2

    Good morning guys, Yesterday I was flying in my neighborhood and I believe my drop hit some power line around 500m away from me. (Didn’t know the power lines were there) I searched the last coordinates but the drone is nowhere to be found. Maybe it hit the lines, lost connection and flew...
  4. K

    Mavic flew away in Ghent Belgium

    My Mavic pro platinum flew away in Ghent Belgium but i end up tracking it with the video cache files, i got a image of the drone landing. i found the location and coordinates with google earth and i went and scope all the perimeter but no luck someone grabbed it at landing for sure... now the...
  5. D

    Help find lost Mavic Pro - Flight Log missing final moments

    Hi crew, Looking for some help on how to find my missing DJI Mavic Pro drone. I was out filming at a wedding venue on Saturday, 10th December with my DJI Mavic Pro at a vineyard when my phone lost visual feed with the drone whilst in the air. During these moments the battery quickly depleted...
  6. drewdrones

    Nanjing TV Tower - Lost RC & Lost Drone

    Hello Guys (you've been a lot of help for people here and I'd appreciate some more knowledge than what I can see myself) Not my first time posting, but my first time losing a drone and total RC lost. I was flying near a TV Tower ( I know that a lot of people say; it shouldn't affect...
  7. M

    Found mavic air @ sharks cove, Hawaii

    Hey I found a mavic air in sharks cove... the battery had acid on it and although it landed on land I didn’t look like the ideal spot to land, probably a crash landing? Lmk if you think this is your drone and I’ll verify if it is with you.
  8. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - Hicksville, Ohio

    I lost a Mavic 2 Pro tonight around Hicksville, Ohio The GPS coordinates show it in a cornfield. I scoured the field but I could not find it. It appeared to fly crazy when it got near high tension power lines. If you see it, please let me know. I'm sure it's sad and lonely right now. :(
  9. B

    Mavic 2 Lost to the Ages

    It’s a sad, sad day when you lose your drone. You leave the 99 to go after the one that’s lost and when you cannot find it you grieve. In anticipation of spring I decided to fly tonight because it was so calm out. The sun was nice this evening and it was all good. The drone flew high and the...
  10. C

    Controller was off and Mavic Air didn't returned to home

    Hi all, My controller was uncharged and off when I was flying above the Atlantic ocean from one Iceland beach. Mavic Air was on 19 meters attitude, 370 meters from the Home point, had 20% battery and Return To Home attituded = 30 meters. Signal lost was set as Return To Home (by default). Here...
  11. C

    Lost my Mavic Pro! GPS Signal?? HELP

    Hi everybody, I went for a flight with my DJI Mavic Pro today. The wind was so strong that it blew my drone away, we were following it with the car until it run out of battery and tried to land, in exactly this moment (video) signal turned off. It landed in the middle of a sugar cane field...
  12. D

    Help! Lost Mavic Air signal during Litchi Waypoint Mission, not seen again since! :(

    Hello brilliant people. Today I tried to use the Litchi App for the second time on my life. Guess what? after about a minute signal was lost and drone never returned home. I live on a small mountain and the waypoints are marked where terrain is ascending - see images 1+3 below. Also, I defined...
  13. D

    2 Zoom Issues

    Hi everyone. I would call it ‘3 Zoom Issues’, but getting the top of my finger cut off by the props while trying to catch it in the air is just my own stupidity. 1. I was flying in Tijuana, Mexico and was about 2 miles away from the drone when it lost signal. I panicked, but thankfully it...
  14. I


    Long story short: I lost my beloved Mavic Air yesterday afternoon. While flying a short litchi mission from my house, I lost contact with the drone (for the first time ever) about 3/4 of the way through the mission. Without panicking I hit the RTH button, expecting to hear the drone buzzing...
  15. G

    Flyaway, over water, crash and... warranty replacement!

    I thought I’d share my first flyaway experience. Having flown everything from tiny training aircraft through to AscTec Falcon 8’s and heavy lift Octa’s both personally and commercially for about 7 years in 15 countries, I’m very lucky to have only had 1 major crash, my fault, lost orientation...
  16. C

    I screwed up, lost drone

    I changed the home point, lost contact,, flew the drone well out of visual sight range, ran out of battery, and wasn't watching the drone, all at the same time on a remote hilltop. It'a all my fault. DJI Flight Log Viewer - I went to that last spot, and the drone could not be...
  17. DownandLocked

    Unusual - Lost Mavic - Need Help

    Situation - Flying a Mavic Pro using DJI Go 4 Point of Interest to orbit around a building recently destroyed in a fire. I had prechecked the area prior to initiating the orbit for obstructions but, obviously not thoroughly enough. Three quarters around the counterclockwise orbit, hit a tree...
  18. I

    Got in panic with police and lost Mavic. Critical battery vs RTH?

    Writing one of those posts I hoped I’d always read and never need to write myself... Driving home on the freeway, saw a really beautiful sunset in a particularly scenic place that ‘needed’ to be filmed. Pulled over on the side of the road and flew the Mavic around for a full battery worth of...
  19. R

    Lost: Mavic Pro - Leucadia/Encinitas CA

    Lost my Mavic Pro last Saturday April 14th at Beacons Beach in Leucadia. It was a little confusing as to how I could not see the thing - later on video footage revealed that I landed it a little south of the Beacons Entrance past the wall. I think that it was far enough away to avoid the...
  20. P

    Decoding data from RC

    Hello Mavic users, today after my samsung S7 died during the flight, I hit the RTH button, but subsequently got into the critical battery landing. The drone got lost. All I have is some logs in the phone (but not usable, since the last flight is not stored) and also a black box data from...