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low altitude

  1. C

    My Litchi Waypoints Missions

    Hey, Hope you enjoy these videos made using Adobe Premier. Most of these waypoint missions are over 6KM. Let me know what you guys think. If you do enjoy them, do let me know, so I can keep this thread updated. :)
  2. A

    Cinematic Seascape 4K

    I love the coast and the sea, and it is so interesting to film the waves and the rock formations created by waves crushing onto them for years after years.
  3. SteveW

    Tight orbital radius video

    Trying to find a way to circle (orbit) vehicle in a car lot taking exterior footage at a height of 3 -4 feet. This would be for car sales/marketing purposes so can’t stick fly it and look right (not with my skill set anyway). Autopilot maybe? Height restrictions there? Negative altitude...
  4. szh

    Hard to see when flying low—solution?

    I am still new to both drones and the Mavic. I found that it's easier to get interesting video when flying low. But when doing so, it is often very hard to see the Mavic with all the vegetation in the background, even when it's as close as 100-150 meters. And when I can not see it, I cannot...
  5. C

    Practice flying at low altitude

    I am a new Mavic owner, and I've practiced a few times on a Phantom 4, but still haven't taken my Mavic out on a maiden flight. I live in Boston, which is surrounded by a huge no-fly zone around Logan airport. Before I head out to an unrestricted airspace location, I'd like to practice some...