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macbook pro

  1. B

    M2P & Assistant Simulator on Mac: can't take off with USB connected

    Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Assistant 2 on a Macbook Pro. Has anyone gotten the Assistant Simulator to work (not the standalone sim app)? I updated my firmware with the Assistant app, so that's working. And when I click on the simulator, I can get as far as the Simulator UI screen. I removed the props...
  2. crosswired

    Mavic Air 2 not connecting with MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)

    hey guys, tried to upgrade my Air 2 using DJI Assistant but it seem theres no connection in between my Macbook and the drone. Also, drones own memory and SD card doesnt shows up. I've used the same cable to transfer data from my mobile phone and all works as it should. Tried on my Windows laptop...
  3. engy

    My files are not recognised by my Macbook

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new droner here. And I got my first batch of footage to transfer over to view and edit on a Macbook Pro 2012 directly from the Mavic via USB. Once the mavic is switched on, a drive appears and I see jpgs and mov files. Dragging them out caused an error massage. I managed to...
  4. G

    FCPX and MacBook Pro

    So I've my MP for only about a month and fly mostly around water as I live in Pensacola Beach. Doing lots of videoing and got a new MacBook Pro 2 weeks ago, primarily for working on movie clips. I got the 15 inch 500GB model and was quite unsettled when I got a message a few days ago that I only...