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mag interference

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    Mag interference crash

    So it crashed after getting mag interference, body and battery landed in separate places, the battery looks like it exploded but not sure if the casing just split open upon impact. Opened up the body to see if there’s any damage but can’t really see any? But it turns on with another battery...
  2. A

    Fan always on, Always Mag Interference

    Hi, I flew my Mavic a few times without issue, but starting about two weeks ago every time I turn on the drone (1) the fan turns on immediately and the bottom becomes very hot, even when it is just sitting there inside (i.e. no firmware updates, no recent flights) and (2) a get mag interference...
  3. R

    Compass interference with gimbal

    Hi! My mavic is having mag interference when the gimbal is looking down. When its looking forward there are no interference. I already did everything I can to try to solve this problem, refreshed the firmware and factory restarted the mavic, but this weird issue keep happens everytime I move...