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magic pro

  1. E

    Mavic Pro RC For Sale

    I have a barley used magic pro remote for sale. Also have charger and hard case as well. Got a new mavic air to replace pro and no longer need rc remote. $200
  2. Michael Gilbert

    Eagles Super Bowl Parade

  3. 3

    Decrease Active Tracking Damping?

    I have found that the Mavic Pro does a fairly good job following if the subject is at around walking speed (on curvy roads/trails with bushes and obstacles on the sides). As soon as the subject gets up to any reasonable speed, it follows like a drunk driver. It seems like the damping (of PID) is...
  4. J

    Magic - shuddering video during yaw rotation

    Hi guys Had my Mavic Pro since July, and consistently had issues with video shuddering when I rotate in either direction. See a quick sample video - notice above at top of the tree line and some of the buildings in the background are shuddering. I have tried slowing down the rotation...
  5. M

    Brand new Mavic with accessories

    Unactivated, never flown Mavic, controller, cases for controller and Mavic, Polar pro NRPL Cinema lens kit, landing gear extensions, prop guards, home charger, car charger, extra props, two extra batteries, gimbal clamp, gimbal cover and lens hood. $1200 including shipping. Also includes DJI...
  6. Skyryder747

    Magic Pro Whitset, NC

    If anyone is near here and wants to get together post here I am new to drones but not new to flying.