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magic pro

  1. Michael Gilbert

    Eagles Super Bowl Parade

  2. 3

    Decrease Active Tracking Damping?

    I have found that the Mavic Pro does a fairly good job following if the subject is at around walking speed (on curvy roads/trails with bushes and obstacles on the sides). As soon as the subject gets up to any reasonable speed, it follows like a drunk driver. It seems like the damping (of PID) is...
  3. J

    Magic - shuddering video during yaw rotation

    Hi guys Had my Mavic Pro since July, and consistently had issues with video shuddering when I rotate in either direction. See a quick sample video - notice above at top of the tree line and some of the buildings in the background are shuddering. I have tried slowing down the rotation...
  4. Skyryder747

    Magic Pro Whitset, NC

    If anyone is near here and wants to get together post here I am new to drones but not new to flying.