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  1. TomzHobbyz

    The small Lake @ Malaysia

  2. Meelius

    107 in Malaysia or Singapore

    Does anyone have any recommendations for centres for doing the 107 course in either Malaysia or Singapore. Thanks M
  3. M

    flying in Malaysia

    Hi to all fellow pilots, I am off to Malaysia in January for a short holiday and staying on a farm. This is my first trip to the country and I want to take my Mavic for some photos and a bit of film but from what I have deduced I would need a PPL (private pilots licence) from the authorities...
  4. TomzHobbyz

    Beach flight for 1st time

    I like to share my video on the beach for the 1st time it flight.
  5. Mavicao

    Drone regulations in Southeast Asia

    I'm travelling there next month and I started looking at regulations in September. I looked here mostly: Drone Laws By Country – UAV Systems International But some of the email addresses are outdated so I had to gather some from other sources. The countries will be Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam...
  6. jeremytoh

    Mavic in Malaysia (Kuching)

    I was in back in Malaysia for awhile earlier in February. Kuching is my hometown. It was my first time flying the Mavic, here's some of the footage I took and my first video on YouTube. Panning shots needs a bit more work. Let me know what you think.
  7. T

    Flying over the Rainforest of Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

    Been away for a while because of work and thus never posted for months...........but here's my video of my trip to Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia earlier this year. This vast national park is often billed as the world's oldest tropical rainforest, and is a very important conservation...
  8. jezzrite

    Mavic Pilots Malaysia

    Any Mavic Pilots in Malaysia? I am based in Sarawak, although my hometown is in Selangor. BTW, I am a licensed air traffic controller, so feel free to ask me anything related to drone regulations. Cheers!
  9. M

    hello from Malaysia!

    Hello from Malaysia!! I'm a new owner of Mavic pro but have been a P3S and P3A pilot for a year currently at level 21! hope to be acquaintance!
  10. J

    Malaysia Drone Laws

    Hello, I'm planning on traveling to Malaysia next month and want to check the drone laws as its not clear whether recent changes are just for commercial drone operators or whether I'd need a permit to fly my Mavic. Any help/advice much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. K

    Hi everyone! Reporting in from Putrajaya Malaysia

    Hi forum members. Noted that few threads up from Malaysia, South East Asia. I'm from Putrajaya, got the mavic on wednesday, but due to workloads only manage to fire up the unit yesterday. Andd... all the updates and troubleshoot came to me by suprised. Manage to settled everything. Push my way...