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map display

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    Map view won't open DJI Fly app with Mavic Air 2

    I'm on a Samsung S8+, running the latest version of Android. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the DJI fly app. I've also unpaired and re-paired my mavic Air 2 with the app and every single time I connect to my drone and click on the map mini icon in the lower left-hand corner my view does not...
  2. D

    How to change map view in the GO4 app

    I fly the Mavic 2 Pro. My map view in the GO 4 app is currently Roadmap (attachment 001). Is it possible to change it to Satellite view (attachment 002) or something similar? Thx.
  3. B

    Mavic Air map moves (shakes) while in flight.

    Hello pilots, Strange display while on this morning's flight. The map display in lower left corner of screen was moving around / shaking durning flight. I have never notice this before. Do I have an issue? Little bit of paranoia as I had my first "crash" into a tree the other day. ( had to...