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  1. ID8 Pete


    A quick edit off the shore of the west side of Maui.
  2. D


    Any drone pilots on Maui?
  3. mjb9369

    Chance Whale Footage

    Not really a Mavic Air thread but it was done in absolute novice hands with my Mavic Air. Just wanted you guys to see the Whales. It was amazingl
  4. A

    Mavic over Maui Video

    Hello everyone, I have beenviewing the forums for a bit but finally registered today. I recently visited Maui, specifically Hana and the southern portion of the island and was able to capture some beautiful footage that lead me to create my first movie, hope you all enjoy it.
  5. M

    Sailboat Race, Surf, and Maui shots / BEAUTIFUL 4K

    Hey guys, just finished up with my trip to Lahaina and thought I'd share some of the better drone shots I got :) Hope you all enjoy, any constructive criticism is much appreciated!
  6. abeazzy2

    Napili Bay, Maui

    Trip in April 2017 of some friends on their SUP. 2nd video I have edited. Suggestions welcome! Thanks for watching....... Ab
  7. D

    ALOHA FROM MAUI (Hawaii)

    Hey guys! First time drone pilot. I kicked my Sneaker buying addiction for a few months to save up for my drone. I've had my Mavic for a little over two weeks now and I've got to say the fly more combo was a steep price to pay but worth every penny. Please check out my Instagram video of a...
  8. D

    West Maui, Hawaii coast

    Some video from our recent trip to Maui! Had a blast flying even though I had some very scary moments due to high winds. Thanks to this board though I knew what to do! Hope you enjoy the video!
  9. M

    First flight - Maui

    My very first flight.. Never changed any settings so I assume it's 1080 /60