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mavic 2 accessories

  1. G


    HI Everyone, I am in search on a Mavic 2 controller. New is preferred but will take a used one if not. I have the smart controller but will not work with an App I am using. Thanks! I live in NorCal. Cris
  2. Phantomrain.org

    Phantom Rain post - Flying with a wingman - side by side

    Video shows how the Mavic 2 responds to a second drone in very close air space. This is going to help us determine how close we fly the drones next to each other in a tandem mission. The full video is of course posted on Phantomrain.org but we learned a lot as to what we can expect and what...
  3. Z

    Mavic 2 Accessories - what are the most important?

    hi all, Since there is so much garbage out there in terms of accessories, i made a video showing and explaining my top 10. What are your favorites? Did I miss any good ones ;)?