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mavic 4k video

  1. T

    2 Pro The Forest | Cinematic Flight Mavic 2 Pro

    The Forest | Cinematic Drone Flight My first cinemactic video with the Mavic 2 Pro.
  2. Ajinkya

    Mavic Pro Flying over Golf Course video

    Have fun.
  3. adventurecampitelli

    Our Adventerous Year 2017 - lots of drone shots

    What a great year we had, hope you enjoy the short video.
  4. heo3480

    8 drone footage hacks in 4 min

    These are my best tips for recording video to get a good result. I hope they will help someone new to our hobby ;-) What is your best tip?
  5. M

    Cinematic Setting | Travelling to South East Asia

    After months of on and off editing, late nights, file corrupted, and unsaved files, having to restart some part of the video. It's finally done. Here's the travel video to South East Asia back in May. Enjoy 4K experience: Shot with: DJI Mavic | Sony A7R II | Sony A6300 | GoPro Hero 5 with...
  6. HALdrone_1

    4K? Best resolution?

    whats the best resolution to shoot on the Mavic Pro? 4k? 2.7k? and why?
  7. Plomo

    Puerto Vallarta

  8. B

    BOSTON Awesome Drone Footage 4K

    I took these awesome aerial footage either early in the morning or late afternoon in June 2017. People in Boston are FRIENDLY! A few people came up to me and asked if they can actually see the footage from my screen, how cute! And they are cool that I flew around the park. So I will definitely...
  9. B

    New Mavic Pro member from Portland, OR

    Happy Summer everyone! I'm in the Portland, Oregon area and I’m new to using drones. I just got my new Mavic and I'm reaching out to the local DJI Mavic community to find out if I can get some valuable and basic mentoring/training in how to fly it. I'm willing to pay for 1 hour of training at...
  10. M

    New MavicPro Owner from San Jose CA.

    Hi everyone, While I am doing some research about the Dji Mavic Pro I came across on this thread and never hesitate to sign up and get connected to the other drone pilots. I am very excited to get some footage with my mavic pro and already planned what and where to shoot for my content. and...
  11. Bintryin

    Still Learning shot 2.7 k +1 -0 0 Rendered as 4K 2.33 aspect Vegas pro 14

    Still learning this Video stuff . So much to learn not just the flying and the smooth moves, then the processing of the video. I take my hat off to all those video bloggers. Anyway a 5min clip of last weekend
  12. H

    Stockholm, Sweden at dawn...probably one of the most beautiful cities.

    Hi! Ok so the title is higly subjective, i live here, but Stockholm really is a wondeful city. I shot this over a couple of weekends. Enjoy:
  13. M

    Mavic Active Tracking PHANTOM 4 PRO!

    Day 5/6 - Rainy and wet but still maanged to find a time to fly when it isn't raining. This is more of a fun flying day, messing around active tracking the Phantom 4 Pro
  14. H

    First attemt at something cinematic....

    There must be tons of posts like this already....Let me know what you think!
  15. M

    Too Windy to fly! Can't Miss this Breathtaking View *4K*

    Day 4 - It was too windy to fly during the whole course of the day, but the places we were visiting were just too breathtaking, luckily got some steady shots from my gopro for ground work and still managed to squeeze in some mavic shots from above in some key location.
  16. M


    Day 3 - A long walk along the coast and in the wood. The Mavic almost had a crash scare when walking in the tight cofined space in the wood, was trying out some intricate flying with trees around. Thanks to the obstacle avoidance system, the Mavic managed to avoided crashing into the tree...
  17. R

    Can you edit 4K@30fps smoothly?

    I have been working with 4K@30fps in Adobe Premiere for the last three videos I have produced and even though my PC is fairly fast and has a good GPU and SSD drives it is a bear to work with 4K. Now I know somebody is going to jump in and say oh I have a lowly XYZ computer and it works fine...
  18. M

    Dangerous Road Trip with Mavic

    Day 2 of dangerous/risky road trip at Mallorca, why I say dangerous? The road up the mountains are like a snake body - steep, curvy, narrow and winding road. Narrowly avoiding some sharp edge and have some close call, must say though it was exciting and fun at times to drive on, for the...
  19. M

    *4K VLOG* - MALLORCA 2K17 (DAY 1)

    (VLOG - DAY 1) Recent holiday to Mallorca, amazing people, amazing island, amazing food and amazing scenery. Must go!

    Mavic Pro First flight ever!

    This is my first time flying a drone. Check out my video. I know I'll just get better and more confident in my flying!