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Dec 9, 2016
These are my best tips for recording video to get a good result.
I hope they will help someone new to our hobby ;-)

What is your best tip?

Thanks for this ! I was still not sure to use d-cinema or d-log due to the video feed.... looks like I can move with those set up !
Great tips. And so annoyed at the trolls. Keep it up :)

btw, tictag on here, David Adams on YouTube.
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Oh, and best tip? Dumb it (movement) all down, then increase until you're happy. Start off with 0.1 EXP and 50% end point for yaw, then increase if you need faster control. Start off with maximum gimbal start/stop buffer, minimum speed, then increase slowly as required. The default should be super slow for cinematic yaw and (gimbal) pitch, then increase as required. Of course, people use drones for different things - I am ONLY talking about capturing cinematic video footage.
Nice touch about the webpage your monitor was on during the presentation..............

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Making the most of your drone requires some expertise in at least two subjects: flying skills and photography skills. I would advise then that everyone interested in drone photography first learn at least the basics of photography! Just because you have great tools to work on your car doesn't mean that you can actually do professional work. So the camera and drone are simply TOOLS, but YOU must know how to use them! There are too many people buying drones and cameras of one kind or another thinking that's all they have to do. Not so! You must study photography (lighting, composition, camera controls, and more!) In other words, study at least basic photography while you are learning how to fly your drones. They work together!
Great tips! Thanks for the effort. The minor tip I would add would be to insure that the drone shadow not make it into the frame. It really draws the eye to it and away from whatever the main subject is.
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