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mavic video quality

  1. Z

    Struggling to get a better video quality from Mavic Pro.

    Hello there! I am Zia n new to this forum as Mavic pilot but m as x Phantom 4 pilot earlier. I have stuggling to get at least a decent video quality from my new Mavic Pro. Tried so many combinations of settings and configs, but nothing working out well. Working with Phantom 4 was more easier n...
  2. heo3480

    8 drone footage hacks in 4 min

    These are my best tips for recording video to get a good result. I hope they will help someone new to our hobby ;-) What is your best tip?
  3. R

    Professional use of the Mavic Video IMHO

    After messing around with 100 combinations of settings and using ND filters and endless grading in Adobe premiere and then looking at lots of other peoples videos I have come to my personal conclusion. Everyone's opinion will be different but for me it comes down to two simple things as to if...