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  1. J

    Tips for learning FPV drone.

    Hello Mavic Community, I have just ordered the DJI FPV Drone (not to be confused with the new one that just came out.) and would like some tips or advice on this new toy I have just ordered. I have used it on the DJI Virtual Flight App, and was overwhelmed when I put it into manual mode, and...
  2. C

    Planning to shoot San Francisco NYE fireworks. Any tips?

    Hey guys, Recently I'm so inspired by this Nick Adams' NYE fireworks video, he shot in Phantom 4 Pro. So, I decide to do the same thing (if I could). Mine's Air 2S. Do you guys have any tips? What ISO, shutter speed should I set to? I will film everything in 4k 60fps Dlog. My scratchy plan...
  3. M

    [SUGGESTIONS] Maiden Flight & First Video

    Hey guys, Took out my drone a few days ago on its very first flight and managed to film some video which I edited directly on the DJI GO 4 app. Here it is: This is my first drone and my first attempt at filming things so I was hoping you experts could give me some tips on how to improve...
  4. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    5 Cold Weather Drone Tips!

    Winter is beautiful - ice and snow transform the landscape, creating the perfect conditions for aerial photography. Capturing such dramatic scenery requires preparing for the risks such frigid conditions entail. I hope these tips will help you to fly safely and capture better drone photos and...
  5. P

    Short Guide to Autumn Season Photo/Video Shooting

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hi all, I have listed some TIPS when capturing drone footage during the Fall season. The guide talks about PL filters, sensors, trees, birds and LUTS in the link above. Hopefully some of you might find useful. Thanks...


    Hi guys, check out my latest drone vlog testing Active Track + AN EPIC DRONE CRASH. Not sure why the Mavic crashed into a tree, when should have traveled in a straight line, can only blame the aliens for this... Enjoy!
  7. Mathie818

    Filming a boat/ wakeboarding tips and tricks?

    Interested in trying to get some footage of wakeboarding behind my boat, can anyone recommend the best way to get close to the action? The boat travels at about 35 km/h, I’ve found when I manually fly it I can’t keep a steady/ smooth speed with the joysticks (when the boat hits choppy water...
  8. P

    Comprehensive Drone TRAVEL Guide/Tips

    Hi drone enthusiasts! I just made a short-ish light-hearted guide when it comes to travelling and shooting with your drone. I decided to split the tips into phases such as preparation, pre-flight and flight to make the content more readily digestable. Feel free to share your own tips and...
  9. Leo153

    Jerky stops, hard to explaine

    Howdy, Not sure how to describe this exactly... My Mavic is flying just fine. Has tons of speed & power. It lifts off very fast (regular mode, not Sport). When I pull off a full stick the aircraft stops quickly and will dip forward. If flying right or left the drone tilts slightly when I come...
  10. I

    24 Drone Tips of Christmas... the box set

    Happy new year, sharing my everyday, so simple drone tips that make my flying easier. In case you missed it, heres the "box-set" of the 24 drone tips of Christmas in case you get bored over New year. Have a great 2018 every one. Ultimate Drone tips 2017- Become a flying PRO - YouTube
  11. P

    Video from my first few flights

    Hey Guys! Living on the outskirts of Sydney, and I just got a mavic for Christmas. I’ve made a video just messing about at my local park. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Philpyy
  12. heo3480

    Mavic Tips Christmas Countdown

    Christmas is approaching fast, and at this time a year is getting dark outside very fast in my neck of the woods. That means more time for watching youtube and Christmas Quick Tip Videos. In this video, you watch new and old Christmas Drone Tips improving your skills. December 1st. I'm...
  13. heo3480

    8 drone footage hacks in 4 min

    These are my best tips for recording video to get a good result. I hope they will help someone new to our hobby ;-) What is your best tip?
  14. J

    Where to fly in SoCal?

    I recently purchased a Mavic Pro a couple weeks ago but I have only taken it out a couple of times because I'm afraid of violating local/county UAV regulations. I've thought about flying at Corona Del Mar because people have said its a great place to fly but after looking up the rules I see that...
  15. P

    First Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned

    Hey drone flyers! I tried out my very first wedding video plus it's fully shot by drone. I did it for free as my friend asked me to, but because of that I couldn't really give directions to people as to what I wanted them to do or where to go. I listed the things that I learned and hopefully...
  16. M

    Drone almost crashes during mid-flight.

    Hello community, I wanted to share this video with you, because my mavic did something odd today. During my flight after gaining some altitude my mavic seemingly had a problem. Could this be related to high winds or was it a gimbal problem? Any help is appreciated!
  17. M

    Tell Your Crash Story!

    Tell the story of your Mavic crash! What happened? What did you learn? How could it have been avoided? What do you do differently now? What would a new pilot need to know to avoid a costly mistake? My Story: Since I just got my Mavic (first flight today) and haven't crashed it I'll tell...
  18. P

    How To: 55 Epic Cinematic Drone Moves/Techniques Tutorial with Controls/Tips for Landscapes/POIs

    Hey all, I made a tutorial/how-to video of 55 aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative after learning a bit of the technical side from the 55 clips. It’s my 7th day flying the Mavic...
  19. TheManChild


    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so i thought i'd quickly introduce myself. A couple of buddies and i have just started a new tech and Gadget YouTube channel where we will be testing, reviewing and making how to videos for different types of drones and much more. Our first video- 'Top Tips for...
  20. Recklessfxdf

    Hello from Central/ Jersey Shore--- New Jersey

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this hobby and I figured joining a forum will help me meet people and stay current on trends within the drone world. I am from central NJ and I love traveling and photography so the Mavic pro was a perfect fit. I ordered my drone last night and ordered some accessories...