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Tell Your Crash Story!


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May 3, 2017
Tell the story of your Mavic crash! What happened? What did you learn? How could it have been avoided? What do you do differently now? What would a new pilot need to know to avoid a costly mistake?

My Story: Since I just got my Mavic (first flight today) and haven't crashed it I'll tell my Phantom 2 crash story. I have an older Phantom 2 that a friend sold me when he upgraded. He showed me the ropes on several test flights.

I put the Phantom away for several months and didn't fly it. In the spring, I had it out at one of our lakes in Montana and wanted to get back into learning about drones. I checked the battery level by pushing the button and looking at the lights -- looked fully charged. I put the bird up in the air and in not very long I was pushing the stick up and the drone was coming down fast. Crash! Gimble destroyed. Props busted.

What did I learn:

1. Read the whole manual. Don't just get a friend to "show you the ropes" like I did. I didn't know enough at the time. With my new Mavic I've read the whole manual and watched tons of videos. I took a 107 Cert Ground school. I've created a maintenance log and joined this forum.

2. Always start with a fresh fully charged battery. Also, know about these batteries.

I hope we'll hear some other stories to get tips to avoid costly crashes. Thanks!
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