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mavic air 4k

  1. jarborra

    Summer flying: Sweden and California

    Some shots from this summer: flew the Mavic Air over four different locations in Sweden and five along the Californian coast. Music by Blackwell. Edited in 4K in iMovie on MBP15 2018.
  2. RonanCork

    Wavy lines in video

    Hey Guys,. I've a Mavic Air and have shot video recently in 4k. I'm a Newbie at video editing so apologies if this a dumb question I've used "Da Vinci Resolve" and have created a video (some of my clips stiched together) for to upload to YouTube as 2160p. Didn't see an option to upload as 4k...
  3. V

    A California Christmas

    Hey everyone! I've had my Mavic Air for a month now, and was able to capture some footage during our trip up and down California. Had a blast!
  4. DJI Ferrari

    "Soon to be new Air Pilot"

    Hello everyone, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Derek. I am previous spark Pilot with over 7500 hours of skill. I got the spark the day it came out and flew it ever since. But I sold it to save for the Sexy, Sleek, DJI Red Mavic Air, I say it and had to have it. I am new to Mavic and...


    DJI Mavic air filters set :https://amzn.to/2QZf5S7 Our website: www.skyreat.com
  6. B

    Villages Nature Paris filmed with DJI Mavic Air

    Hi, i allready filmed this with my Osmo Mobile 2. But now let's change perspective with some areal footage. Have fun and thanks for watching!!!
  7. 1

    Drone Deploy Results

    I am not being paid by Drone Deploy, but attached to this thread are the results of the mapping from the pathos I took. Although the processing to some time, the results are pretty cool. This is a 33 acre section of undeveloped property in my neighborhood. My MA took over 280 photos, on one...
  8. tydrones

    Its Finally Complete

    I try make my videos better than my last....... if you genuinely enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up
  9. psloan

    I say the Mavic Air can take a pretty nice pic

    Bonus video --Pat
  10. F

    Good Mavic Air Combo Deal

    Hi everyone, I am new to the community so nice to e-meet you all! I just got a nice deal on the Mavic Air Combo at $889 (instead of $999) from a DJI Authorized Reseller and I thought that some of you might be interested. There is free shipping and no sales tax. Apply the coupon FLYHIGH at...
  11. Travisimo

    Sylvan Island, IL in the snow (Mavic Air$

    I knew the risks but flew my Air in the snow to get some footage Saturday of Sylvan Island in IL. The snow was wet and accumulated on the trees. Didn’t have a lot of flight time, but enough to record a plow clearing the bridge and walking down the main path.
  12. J

    Mavic Air Video Quality vs Phantom 4 Original?

    Hello guys! I just got the Mavic Air after many days doing research and watching videos. I'm a big fan of Dji and I have a Phantom 4(the original, not the Pro or the Advanced). I'm in love with the P4 but it is bulky and I travel a lot, so Its a struggle every time i decide to carry it with me...
  13. D

    First short movie (Mavic Air)

    This is my first 4K movie filmed with the Mavic Air :) <iframe width="1263" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. heo3480

    Best 4K SD Card for Mavic Air

    So you bought a Mavic Air only to find out there was no SD card delivered with the drone. Mavic Air is supplied with 8GB of Internal storage, but that will not take you very far. Most SD cards are too slow for 4K footage. In this Mavic Air video, I will show you the Best 4K SD Card for Mavic Air...
  15. A

    DJI Mavic Air | Cinematic Sunrise 4K

    Finally! My first cinematic video with the Dji Mavic Air filming a sunrise in cold Norway. Temperature was -3 degrees Celsius, or around 26 Fahrenheit. But no matter the cold, the golden hour is as always amazing! Filmed in 25 fps 4K I used Polar Pro Nd Filters 8 and 16
  16. heo3480

    4K Air and Pro Video Samples

    Comparing Mavic Air and Mavic Pro 4K Video Samples right out of the camera with the same camera settings. In this way, you can compare Mavic Air with Mavic Pro 4K footage.