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mavic air remote

  1. R

    Mavic Air Controller - Not pairing

    Hi I'm having and issue with my Mavic Air RC. The control is not connecting with the Mavic Air (flashing yellow on the Mavic, red steady light on the rc). Already tried the following. 1. On the Mavic pressed back button once then pressed combination of keys on the rc. Green flashing light...
  2. D

    Water damaged Mavic Air Control Remote RC

    Hi guys, im new in this forum, I had a small seawater damage in my Mavic Air RC, when i took my Rc to repair they told me that "The battery is ok and charges without a problem, but it cant pass on power because the RC power source was damaged and it has no repair." If anyone can help me with...
  3. S

    WTB Mavic Air Remote _ (RESOLVED)

    Hello I'm looking to buy a spare Magic Air remote control.....any one?please send offers Tk
  4. B

    Mavic Air Remote DOA

    I just bought and received a brand new Mavic Air from DJI. The remote was at half charge upon opening, so when I went to charge the remote, it would not take a charge and instead drained the battery to zero, and still will not charge. I put in a ticket to DJI waiting to hear instructions...