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mavic camera problem

  1. B

    how i fixed my mavic camera under $50 by switching motherboards

    I have searched youtube about mavic camera repairs but all i can see are ribbon cable replacements. Of course I've tried that, but it never fixed my camera. I can still see video into the app, but I still have that gimbal motor overload and gimbal would just not calibrate. It just goes wild...
  2. Leo Pan

    Mavic Pro Oil Painting with official ND filter

    Hi,I'm new to here, and I'm a Mavic Pro owner like everyone here, the video footage will shown as the oil painting effect when using the official ND filter by DJI,I had tested today, and I'd uploaded the images with or without ND filter below, the first image shot without ND,shutter speed 320...
  3. zurabg

    MAVIC PRO arrived with camera problems

    Hello fellow pilots Finally I've got my Mavic pro, after more then 2 months delay. I was waiting for this moment, but DJI provided some bad surprise. The problem is, that Camera most of the time would show distorted picture: Lower part of the image is blurred/distorted with purple looking...