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mavic drone

  1. J

    Mavic drone drifting upwards. Help!

    I flew the Mavic the other day, and it went to 3 feet as usual at the beginning. I then pushed up on the left stick. It then started to float up continualsly very slowly. I tried pulling it down, but just kept going, so I turned the craft, and then pulled on the left stick. It did respond to...
  2. BlazeAir

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi, I finally received my Mavic and the mail and couldn't be more thrilled! It is everything as advertised, AND MORE! I have been so impressed with this drone and all of its features! Here is my maiden flight over Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mavic Meets Gold Medal Park Also, I...
  3. M

    Very Windy! Mavic and P4P Fly Trip on route to Edinburgh

    Ok, so as most of you who lived in the UK will know that past week or two, we had this stormy weather with strong winds, I wasn't going to risk anything with flying the Mavic but after coming across a few really nice scenery, I decided to gave it a go on flying in this windy condition, to my...