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mavic newbie

  1. KartofeL

    Hello from Poland

    Hello from Poland. I just bought my first drone ever (DJI Mavic Air 2) and yesterday was my very first flight. Sadly there also was my very first crash (DO NOT FLY AT HOME!!!), but gladly nothing much happened. After that I went on a field with a lot of open space and begun flying. It was a lot...
  2. John Gowland

    Just can't get over what a Mavic can do!

    Its amazing what a Mavic can do. After weeks I am just blown away by this little box of magic. Bye bye Phuket. John
  3. GreenBhoy

    Hello from Swindon UK :) should I or not?

    Hi peeps :) Just took delivery of my Mavic pro last night and am currently resisting the temptation to open it up and get flying...why? On the plus side I think I got it reasonably cheap £760 for the standard version BUT i'm reading lots and lots of nagative comments about firmware updates...