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Just can't get over what a Mavic can do!

It really is an amazing machine packed in a convenient little package. Fantastic drone!
I know what your saying... I just got mine. I travel for a living and wish I would have had this little guy when I was at Normandy, the Parthenon, the Great Wall and I can name many more.

But NOW, I got it and still travel.... Stay Tuned!
Lucky you, travelling for a living. I am going to Bali next holiday, but there is a difference now. I used to go on holiday like every one else to party, sunbathe and drink. Now I go to where I can get video footage with the MP.
Nice footage! They do produce some pretty good quality video and stills, but the biggest plus to me is the size and the ease of just having it with you most all of the time!
Today, as a newbie, I felt the speed. First time I tried speed mode for more than a few seconds. This is only about 30 seconds with a tail wind. So must have been traveling fast as hell. Spent all the time making sure it hit no one.
As I get more confident would like to go longer.
Got my heart rate up!!! Just about **** myself.

As you said so small, out of a little bag on off it went like a rocket.
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