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  1. John Gowland

    Just can't get over what a Mavic can do!

    Its amazing what a Mavic can do. After weeks I am just blown away by this little box of magic. Bye bye Phuket. John
  2. John Gowland

    old crow newbie working his *** off. Is this ok?

    A horrible day but best I could do between rain storms. Recorded 2.7K 30fps. ISO 100 ss speed I think at 3 or 400 manual. ND 8 filter. Best I have done for clarity, see second half of aerial shot of town. Got rid of most of the shimmering, especially lines on buildings. imovie auto exports and...
  3. John Gowland

    If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

    My Mavic is yet another learning curve. You think you have created something good, a good shoot. Then you see something weird in the vid. You ponder, research, try to understand. What is that shimmering of lines in a balcony, or a roof element, in a tiny portion of the video? Turns out it’s a...