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mavic pro camera

  1. AbUAVdC

    DSLR or Gimbal Camera?

    I dreamed once on having one DSLR, I changed my mind when I owned a Mavic Pro!
  2. F

    Mavic Air Camera Faulty?

    Over on the RCGroups forum, Mad_Angler1 has possibly/apparently "confirmed" that the Mavic Air camera is faulty in a similar way to the one in the P4Pro. i.e the Sharpness settings don't do anything in 1080p mode and the results are all the same. I asked about this here in the thread Are your...
  3. N

    Camera went wacky

    So, I just got my Mavic a week ago and today was the first time I really was able to take it out. I have a phantom 3 pro so I'm used to the basics but I was experimenting with sport mode and other intelligent flight modes. All of the sudden, my camera whacked out to the point I assumed my drone...