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Camera went wacky


May 30, 2017
So, I just got my Mavic a week ago and today was the first time I really was able to take it out. I have a phantom 3 pro so I'm used to the basics but I was experimenting with sport mode and other intelligent flight modes. All of the sudden, my camera whacked out to the point I assumed my drone was tumbling out of the air, yet it was still flying. The live view I saw was the camera pointed back at the drone and moving as if it was falling out of control. Also, later when I got it in front of me and had it at an eye level hover, the camera was turned towards one side, moving a little, and then would center itself again. Did this a few times in a row. WHATS WRONG?
The gimbal is a bit delicate compared with the Phantom 3 series, I've had mine replaced once since getting the Mavic last November. What you describe is how mine responded when it also displayed gimbal obstructed errors.

Hopefully it was just a one off for you, so I would check the shipping labels are removed fully (they have one on the back of the gimbal / camera) do some test flights and hope it settles down.
Check the gimbal mounts. There's two metal tabs in the front of the part that floats there. Those metal tabs must be underneath (when looking at the belly) the body. It's usually easy to see since if anything happens, only the left or right side gets popped out.

Next check the lil rubber mounts that look like rubber bands attached to the floating piece. They are plugs that have a much larger end on the other side that you should not see. They go through the body to hold it in place. Looks kinda like a nail head but again, you should not see them. So to make sure those are mounted correctly, compare the size of each one. If they're all the same size, then it's likely mounted correctly. You should notice they all go straight into the body too, not tilted of half cocked. If one of these mounts has come out, do NOT use something sharp to put them back in. Use something blunt and carefully work the nail head lookin part back in.
Seriously spend some time to validate this and maybe check some videos about correcting "gimbal shake error" since they'll show you what I'm explaining and usually visual is better than some hack job of words like I just did :)
Mine seems to do this at least once every few flights. Camera seems to reset itself mid-flight, typically when ending a video clip or attempting to start a new one. Scares the hell out of me every time it happens. Camera completely freaks out for about 15 seconds and then goes back to normal. No control of the camera during this time.

I've also experienced the random tilt to the side immediately after boot-up. Turning it off and back on seems to resolve it.

Eventually I'll contact DJI for a warranty claim, I've been attempting to record it (with my gopro from the FPV view on the iPad) so I have evidence to back-up the claim, but so far have been unsuccessful as it happens at random and as luck would have it, when I'm not prepared to record it.
Good Morning All!
I had a similar issue yesterday but not quiet a reboot. I was taking still pictures at 391ft with very light winds and the camera acted as if it was being moved around by a strong wind (floating and jumping around so to speak). The quadcopter was flying fine and I had no warnings. I hit my button on the back that I set to look down and the camera/gimbal was stuck. I hit the button again and it went straight forward as it should and then after pressing it again it faced straight down as it should. All of my functions were normal, my gimbal was just crazy. I lowered the drone down to 160ft and everything went back to normal. (This is the Mavic Pro by the way) If any of you guys have any ideas why this may have happened, I will be more than grateful.
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