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Mar 30, 2018
Over on the RCGroups forum, Mad_Angler1 has possibly/apparently "confirmed" that the Mavic Air camera is faulty in a similar way to the one in the P4Pro. i.e the Sharpness settings don't do anything in 1080p mode and the results are all the same.

I asked about this here in the thread Are your Mavic Air Videos Sharp or Blurry? where you'll find the P4Pro video about it.

The story is: Mad doesn't have aP4Pro, but does have a Mavic Air and said he'd test it on that, although he thought it having a completely different camera: it would probably be fine.

So, he does the test and says "It's all fine" photos or video. So...he's asked for some proof and refuses because he doesn't want to be "a performing monkey"....WTH?

Now, that's strange behaviour if you've got the proof in your hand that the Mavic Air camera is all hunky-dory, so... is it?

Does anyone feel like providing solid proof, either way, rather than the implied proof that Mad's supplied; that the Mavic Air camera works properly in 1080p (and all the other resolutions, if you're up to it) and the Sharpness adjustments actually make a difference?

You really only need to start with two images: screen grabs of 1080p video at +3 and -3 sharpness of the same thing in 'None' color mode. Just put the Mavic Air on the windowsill and shoot the same subject outside.

If they're different: it works and we can all relax. If they're the same... that would explain some of why Mad didn't want to post the evidence. But that's still pretty weird: DJI can't fix it if they don't get told about it.

If they're the same: DJI need to know we know, and to know we know they know and...fix it ASAP.
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