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  1. Yaros

    Is it okay to post this on YouTube / Instagram?

    I recently was filming a church and a theater in my area, but before posting it I wanted to ask if it is okay, because there are some other things visible as houses and hotels around. I can legally fly over them (if I'm above 40 meters) at least here in Spain as far as I know, but one thing is...
  2. P

    A2COC for Air 2

    Hi All, I post these questions without trying to be in anyway a Devil's Advocate or provocative - I'd appreciate some reasoned opinions, please: I have an Air 2 (fly more combo and a fitted hard case), purchased early December 2020. At that point I hadn't fully understood the implications of the...
  3. Houses of prayer

    Houses of prayer

  4. K

    Photos didn't save

    Hi all, we have done some surveys during which we have taken photographs but none of them are on SD card and only about 5% is in DJI Go 4 app. The flight logs show that photos were taken but only show a few that were saved as preview. We are quite desperate to get these photos back but don't...
  5. C

    Mavic Pro Emergency

    Hey everyone, I'm a Leaving Cert(IRISH A levels) student in Galway and one of the subjects I do is called Design and Communication Graphics. Each year there is a project worth 40% of the overall final mark. This year the project is to design a quad-copter drone. Most of the project is done...
  6. On The Mark Aerial

    Platinum for Real Estate

    I use my Mavic Platinum for Real Estate still photos, and the realtors love the end product. They prefer still photos taken from above and from all angles. I ask them what main features to capture, such as certain selling points. I take several photos from all four corners of the properties...
  7. CookieTheArch

    Memory Card Overwrite.... Anything I can do?

    Hey Guys! Just got back from a fun trip and tried to pull some of my drone photos; best I've ever taken. But it seems they got overwritten.... any insight that anyone can offer? Here's what I did... Took the shots on Monday evening. Just gorgeous; canyon, petroglyphs, crew shots... So great...
  8. Prospero

    The Missing Handbook

    Has anyone created a comprehensive, non-you-tube-video manual for the Mavic Air, similar to this for the Mavic Pro?: Syonyk's Project Blog: DJI Mavic Pro: The Missing Handbook: Basic Operations If you know of one/any, please provide (a) link(s) to it/them Like the author, I am not fond of...
  9. B

    Auto sync photos to device on Mavic Air?

    Hello, Does anyone know how to setup auto sync HD photos to device on Mavic Air with DJI app? Or is this just not possible?The mavic pro has that option (auto sync hd photos) that when you took a picture it automatically saved an HD copy to device (in my case iPad and Android phone). On Mavic...
  10. F

    Mavic Air Camera Faulty?

    Over on the RCGroups forum, Mad_Angler1 has possibly/apparently "confirmed" that the Mavic Air camera is faulty in a similar way to the one in the P4Pro. i.e the Sharpness settings don't do anything in 1080p mode and the results are all the same. I asked about this here in the thread Are your...
  11. P

    How to save photo to camera roll (Iphone X)

    I can't find in the camera roll the photos I take. The app Dji Go 4 has the permission to read and write to the camera roll (see attach), and I turned on the "cache during video shooting" option in the app. Someone who already had and solved this problem? Thank you. Paolo
  12. T

    Mavic Pro has a very sharp camera

    I've read a lot about how bad the Mavic's images are, but I think it is just down to processing and the huge difference between RAW/JPEG. The JPEG quality of the Mavic is very poor due to its poor in-camera processing, but not the RAW....... If you know how to process the RAW DNG files...
  13. J

    Litchi Orbit Photos At Set Points

    I am trying to automate flying Litchi in orbit mode, except I want to take a photo every 45 degrees. So I would have 8 photos in an orbit. Does anyone know how to do this? I would think it's simple, but I can't find anything in the forums to accomplish this. Thanks!
  14. T

    blurry pictures in iOS 11 but not in affinity photo ?

    Hi I have a strange issue with the pictures of my mavic. I import the RAW pictures with the SD to lightning adapter to my iPad Pro 10.5 In the default pictures app on iOS the pictures look blurry, but when I open the same picture in a 3. party photo app (affinity photo) the pictures are much...
  15. R

    Sharing Photos in Social Media apps

    Hello I want to follow people that post mavic pro works in instagram or 500px for a real time sharing. Im @mr_dr0n in Instagram and @mr_drone in 500px. If any one interested, pls post your id-s. Thanks a lot..
  16. H

    Testing Settings for night shots

    After a few tutorials I found myself trying to get a nice night shot with my Mavic. Yesterday I was disappointed since my long exposure tests where horrible. It was a bit windy and I was about 2km away over the sea trying to get the beautiful full moon scenery. Long exposure shots require that...
  17. FantasticMrF

    What do you like to film?

    Personally my favourite hing to film so far is abandoned places; visited a derelict building and two abandoned mental asylums! I'll link the video below (all feedback is heavily appreciated)
  18. D

    Controller screen v phone screen

    Still not flown my new Mavic but if the range of flying with phone wi fi is max 80m and controller flying is circa 4.3km, does one fly by controller for distances beyond 80 metres and blindly operate camera button, or can one still see what camera sees at these distances?
  19. BlazeAir

    Mavic View of PLHS

    It was such a beautiful weekend for most if not all of Minnesota. I know in my hometown of Pequot Lakes, it was a PERFECT weekend to be out droning (wish I coulda even gone out more). Here is a shot of the Pequot Lakes High School Sports Fields that I took with my DJI Mavic: Pequot Lakes High...
  20. FantasticMrF

    Beautiful Scotland

    had an amazing sunny day today, took some footage