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  1. T

    blurry pictures in iOS 11 but not in affinity photo ?

    Hi I have a strange issue with the pictures of my mavic. I import the RAW pictures with the SD to lightning adapter to my iPad Pro 10.5 In the default pictures app on iOS the pictures look blurry, but when I open the same picture in a 3. party photo app (affinity photo) the pictures are much...
  2. R

    Sharing Photos in Social Media apps

    Hello I want to follow people that post mavic pro works in instagram or 500px for a real time sharing. Im @mr_dr0n in Instagram and @mr_drone in 500px. If any one interested, pls post your id-s. Thanks a lot..
  3. H

    Testing Settings for night shots

    After a few tutorials I found myself trying to get a nice night shot with my Mavic. Yesterday I was disappointed since my long exposure tests where horrible. It was a bit windy and I was about 2km away over the sea trying to get the beautiful full moon scenery. Long exposure shots require that...
  4. FantasticMrF

    What do you like to film?

    Personally my favourite hing to film so far is abandoned places; visited a derelict building and two abandoned mental asylums! I'll link the video below (all feedback is heavily appreciated)
  5. D

    Controller screen v phone screen

    Still not flown my new Mavic but if the range of flying with phone wi fi is max 80m and controller flying is circa 4.3km, does one fly by controller for distances beyond 80 metres and blindly operate camera button, or can one still see what camera sees at these distances?
  6. BlazeAir

    Mavic View of PLHS

    It was such a beautiful weekend for most if not all of Minnesota. I know in my hometown of Pequot Lakes, it was a PERFECT weekend to be out droning (wish I coulda even gone out more). Here is a shot of the Pequot Lakes High School Sports Fields that I took with my DJI Mavic: Pequot Lakes High...
  7. FantasticMrF

    Beautiful Scotland

    had an amazing sunny day today, took some footage
  8. BlazeAir

    Mavic Visits Duluth Sundew Ship

    A DJI Mavic shot I took of a docked USCGC Sundew ship up in Duluth, MN. The 180-foot commissioned vessel was originally launched on February 8, 1944 and decommissioned on May 27, 2004. After that it was a "museum ship" for 5 years until sold to a private party. Here is the shot: Duluth Sundew...
  9. kcoleman805

    Screenshots of 4k footage

    A friend of mine told me that in order to get better still pictures with the drone, you take a 5-10 second video of the object you are trying to photograph and then take a screenshot from that video to get a better picture than just taking the picture from the drone. Has anyone tried this? Is...
  10. MavicMikeGA

    So FRUSTRATING! Why does it keep forcing me to land??!!

    Power up and calibration all passed. No issue. However, when I start to fly it literally goes up 10 feet then lands again. I then disabled GPS, all sensors, and installed a different app than the DJI app and finally got if off the ground. I got one good photo (attached) before the battery...
  11. D

    Why are photos not focused??

    Hi everyone, I just recently bought a mavic and have noticed the image quality is less than what I expected. Please see attached photos for your review. The background of my photos seem out of focus and have a smugey look, even with the slightest cropping trees look like they were painted...
  12. Viper

    DNG from Latest firmware update

    DNG screen shot SOC after newest firmware update I noticed focus peaking on "my Mavic" is now a lot better going to fly in a few to check on gimbal horizon issues which I was having before even after resetting camera settings? gimbal calibrations and adjusting gimbal roll.
  13. Rx4FL8

    Newbie Photo Question

    Hi, So I finally received my DJI Mavic Pro and after a couple of short test flights in my backyard, I decided to take it down to the river near downtown Sacramento and take some test shots. I was a little frustrated with the quality, then realized I'm shooting JPEGs, so they are much more...