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Litchi Orbit Photos At Set Points


Apr 19, 2017
I am trying to automate flying Litchi in orbit mode, except I want to take a photo every 45 degrees. So I would have 8 photos in an orbit. Does anyone know how to do this? I would think it's simple, but I can't find anything in the forums to accomplish this. Thanks!
I'd hand draw a circular waypoint mission and set each one to take the pic. It could be a square or anything but you'll want to stop the aircraft at each waypoint to snap the picture.
Depends on what factor you want to be perfectly/better determined. If you want full automation but don't need perfection on the route taken or the location of each photo, follow the procedure above.

A different way, that isn't perfectly automated but performs a precise circular path, is to create an orbit, and set the orbit speed at something easily calculated. If you set it for 3 degrees/second, for example, you know you need to snap a photo every 15 seconds. You can set the orbit in motion with the app, then simply count (or use a stopwatch for better precision) while it's in motion around the circle, and press the photo button every 15 seconds.
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