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Air 2 My Area in 1950 vs 2022 from drone!


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Aug 23, 2021
Sa Coma, Mallorca
I found some helicopter shots of my area from 1950, so I thought to make the same shots with my drone but now.
Note: some of them aren't identical as I couldn't go above 120 meters with my drone (legally at least)
Here are the photos, I think it's pretty cool!

Cala Millor 1.jpg

Cala Millor 2.jpg

Sa Coma 1.jpg

Sa Coma 2.jpg
That's pretty cool. 👍

I keep thinking about purchasing Litchi and set up a weekly waypoint mission to capture the progress of stuff to make a time lapse video over the years of flights. 🤔

Thanks for sharing. :)
Yep, litchi is pretty great! I use it from time to time for waypoints.
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Very nice. I did something like that from old post cards of our village\town here. It was amazing to see how much changed over 50 years.
Very cool, for the past year I have been working on 2021 pics compared with 2008 AP shots in the same angle and height, the progress really pops when viewed as a slide show,😁
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Really nice, thanks for sharing!
Pave paradise- put up a parking lot.
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Nicely done, some buildings have held up well over time. Amazing what happens when a road gets built. I lived on a dirt road in the 50’s thats a 6 lane highway now. Woods I hunted are housing developments. Progress sucks but there’s just so many people now.
I’m gonna find some old pics and try doing the same.
Very cool. Before / now pics really illustrates the unfortunate effects of global warming (increased erosion and higher water levels are evident, both of which can be contributed to the melting glacier ice fields).
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