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photo editing

  1. S

    Photo help! Image resolution/DPI question....

    Hello, A realtor that I know approached me and asked to take photos for her real estate listing (on Sotheby's). I did the shoot and now she has had issues uploading the photos to the website. First, the images were to large (10 mb max). I resized the images to get them under 10 mb and it is...
  2. P

    Mavic Air with Google Pixelbook

    So, I just purchased my DJI Mavic Air Fly more combo today, it will be delivered in 3 days!!! So I used to have a Phantom 3 Pro that I sold to have a more portable drone for my upcoming 2 week Honeymoon in Fiji in September. I wanted to get a few months experience with the Mavic Air before...
  3. T

    Edit Clips in DJI GO 4

    Hey Guys! I have some footage that I recorded and it is currently stored on my SD card. I cannot seem to find a way to edit the individual clips without having to 'create a movie'. Is there a setting that I am missing to edit the contrast/saturation without having to do that?
  4. TrayBoz

    How to get a .JPG photo out of my .MP4 video?

    I'm new to editing videos and photos on the Mac. The only tool/software I really have for this is IMovie, which is an incredible little (free) program - especially for a photog newbie like me. Is there an easy way to just take ONE FRAME from one of my .MP4 videos and convert it to a simple...