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photo editing

  1. Red_Pyro

    Editing electronic displays in night shots

    Hello everyone, Quite usual, when you take pictures of trams at night you end up getting blurred displays (by which I mean the tram line). Do you think it's motion blurr ? I was shooting at 1/160 so I doubt it... Do you think it's possible to edit by using masks to get a "clean" display ? Or...
  2. Yaros

    Air 2 My Area in 1950 vs 2022 from drone!

    I found some helicopter shots of my area from 1950, so I thought to make the same shots with my drone but now. Note: some of them aren't identical as I couldn't go above 120 meters with my drone (legally at least) Here are the photos, I think it's pretty cool!
  3. P

    dji mavic air 2 panorama mode

    After taken series of photos how do I link them into one panorama pic? Thank you
  4. heo3480

    How to Edit Mavic Mini Photos on Phone (free)

    With this Abobe Lightroom Tutorial for Mobile, you will learn the basic skills to create amazing drone photos. With Abobe Lightroom, you will not only be able to edit Mavic Mini Photos but also phots in general from all devices and the best part is it's FREE.
  5. S

    Photo help! Image resolution/DPI question....

    Hello, A realtor that I know approached me and asked to take photos for her real estate listing (on Sotheby's). I did the shoot and now she has had issues uploading the photos to the website. First, the images were to large (10 mb max). I resized the images to get them under 10 mb and it is...
  6. P

    Mavic Air with Google Pixelbook

    So, I just purchased my DJI Mavic Air Fly more combo today, it will be delivered in 3 days!!! So I used to have a Phantom 3 Pro that I sold to have a more portable drone for my upcoming 2 week Honeymoon in Fiji in September. I wanted to get a few months experience with the Mavic Air before...
  7. T

    Edit Clips in DJI GO 4

    Hey Guys! I have some footage that I recorded and it is currently stored on my SD card. I cannot seem to find a way to edit the individual clips without having to 'create a movie'. Is there a setting that I am missing to edit the contrast/saturation without having to do that?
  8. TrayBoz

    How to get a .JPG photo out of my .MP4 video?

    I'm new to editing videos and photos on the Mac. The only tool/software I really have for this is IMovie, which is an incredible little (free) program - especially for a photog newbie like me. Is there an easy way to just take ONE FRAME from one of my .MP4 videos and convert it to a simple...