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Mavic Air with Google Pixelbook


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Mar 22, 2018
So, I just purchased my DJI Mavic Air Fly more combo today, it will be delivered in 3 days!!!

So I used to have a Phantom 3 Pro that I sold to have a more portable drone for my upcoming 2 week Honeymoon in Fiji in September. I wanted to get a few months experience with the Mavic Air before then.

So I have a Google Pixelbook that I purchased a couple months ago that has full access to the Google Play store and many other applications. I have never used it for any type of Photo / Video editing yet, and I am looking to see if anyone has any experience using one and what apps will work and give me the best results?

I have looked online, and only seen posts before Chromebooks had access to the App store, and also before the Pixelbook came out that has the processing power to run photo and video editors.

Any advice and assistance would help!

Thank you in Advance!
Try installing DJI Go from the app store - if it won't let you install it, you could try side-loading the APK.

If neither of those work, it's unlikely you'll get any other drone control app (like Litchi) to work, since I believe not only do they operate on the DJI framework but also require DJI Go to already have been logged in before they'll work.
The Go App will not install. I wonder how to sideload it?
Is there no good Android video editing software out there?
I read getting it into dev mode and using the APK works, but I can't quite get my pixelbook into dev mode.. just stops at a screen telling me it reset the OS, then have to go back to normal mode.
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