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video editing

  1. L

    Air 3 Overlay SRT Map on Video of DJI Footage

    Does anyone know if there is a software available that can geotag a DJI Air 3 video, where the geotagged satellite map could be overlayed (bottom right for example) onto the video of the drone footage? This would be helpful when filming large areas and giving the viewer a reference of where...
  2. VideoProc

    Seize the Deal: VideoProc Converter 5.7 - Black Friday Giveaway! Convert, Edit, and Elevate Your Videos for Free

    VideoProc Converter is a complete video toolbox that helps convert, edit, repair, and resize various videos for convenient viewing, sharing, and further editing. Encompass 320 video codecs and formats incl. and accepting GoPro 5.3K 60fps/4K 120fps/1080p videos, DJI HDR 10-bit videos, and log...
  3. C

    Video Jitter on Mavic 3

    Hey everyone, Wondered if you can offer suggestions to avoid video jitter in my drone shots. I film using ND filters, 5K 50FPS with the exposure showing as perfect. Frame rate of 1/100 to stick to the 180 rule. Noticed in my shots that there is a decent amount of jitter in the video. Should the...
  4. C

    Can someone help explain this video setting issue?

    Hey everyone, Happy to be part of the community. I recently bought the new Mavic 3. I’ve been flying the Mini 2 for some time now, and I felt like I wanted to splurge and upgrade. I’ve noticed something odd with my footage on the new M3 though. 5K in H264 drives my MacBook crazy. H265 seems...
  5. V

    DJI fly app video editing error

    Hello, Since the last upgrade of DJI fly app 1.4.8 I'm facing an issue when I'm exporting the video in DJI fly app. Each time that I've finished the export, I'll see the preview and the result is with a lot of errors in terms of sound (the music is moving faster comparing with the original)...
  6. L

    Air 2 PC upgrades for 4k video editing

    Hello. I have a desktop computer and using adobe premier for editing my mavic air 2 videos. I find it almost impossible to edit videos with my computer as I can only preview the videos in 1/4 quality which does not allow me to edit in full detail. I have built this computer 2-3 years ago...
  7. 0Kajuna0

    Telemetry Overlay and more data tools

    Hi! For the last 3-4 years I've been working and experimenting with the GPS and other sensor data in DJI drones and action cameras. All the learnings have now materialised in this standalone app for creating telemetry overlays on videos: Some of the previous utilities I have released (some...
  8. heo3480

    Drone TIPS for Cinematic Footage

    Drone TIPS for Cinematic Footage optimized for editing in any editing software. These tips will save you some time when editing, as it's better fixed in camera than in post production if even possible. What is your best tip for easy editable footage?
  9. S

    Music for drone videos

    Hello, I am new to Mavic Air but using it a lot and dont really like the DJI app for editing the videos. I find the only benefit of it are the free audio tracks. I will start using Windows Movie Maker however need a good source of free music suitable for drone footage. Any recommendation for...
  10. Bluenoseken

    Hi all from Moreton, Wirral, UK

    New Mavic Air owner. Been flying my new MA since July 10th. Absolutely loving it! Would appreciate any hints and tips regarding the use of Polar Pro filters and video editing software for windows 10. I am still getting to grips with using Power Director 16 for video editing and would like to...
  11. M

    Shared video files can’t exceed 500 MB

    Hi there, I don’t hace any computer for video editing, so I have so far used Skypixel, when I complete the video a message appears saying “Shared video files can’t exceed 500 MB” with a OK button, the video is not saved and no option to share it either. Anyone with this same probelm? Thanks...
  12. Paddepanik

    Clip length/Video length

    Hello, Ive only just gotten into editing my material, and i'm not sure on how long clips and videos should be. I usually try and keep my video clips when shooting around 30s so that it's easier to handle in post processing. What is ur personal preferences in: videolength Cliplength Number of...
  13. P

    Mavic Air with Google Pixelbook

    So, I just purchased my DJI Mavic Air Fly more combo today, it will be delivered in 3 days!!! So I used to have a Phantom 3 Pro that I sold to have a more portable drone for my upcoming 2 week Honeymoon in Fiji in September. I wanted to get a few months experience with the Mavic Air before...
  14. piloto18

    Mavic Pro .mov files

    Hi all. I'm new playing with drones. I took nice shots today but can't see the videos on my matchbook pro. When finally sit down to go over the footage, Quicktime doesn't allow me play the videos. Wont recognize file .mov. Is there any plug in / app to be installed first.?
  15. B

    Premiere Pro OR Final Cut

    Hey folks I've seen many different videos, about video editing on a mac, but what are your personal experiences and what do you use to edit? I will choose between Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. What are pros and cons between those two editors? (I've not been able to find that discussion in...
  16. Echcaroff81

    Video Editing Software - What do you use?

    Heyguys & gals. So I'm looking for some good video editing software for 4k videos. I havent tried the DJI Go editor yet. I've done some editing on YT but I found it meh. I'm thinking about buying PS Elements. Before I go spend yet another $100 on drone related things... what do you guys use...
  17. F

    Premier 15 Project settings

    First time editing Mavic 4K video with Adobe Premier 15 and wondering if someone can recommend the correct Premier Project settings. Looking through the options I don't see a setting that matches the resolution and frame rate of my original video.
  18. Digitaldias

    Movie Studio Platinum, export to Resolve for color grading?

    Hi, windy day, no flying, and I'm away from home. During my holidays, I've discovered DaVinci resolve and decided to do ALL of my color grading there. Question is, with Movie Studio 13 at home (probably 14 once I upgrade) - does anyone know if I can export it to a format that Resolve can use...
  19. jontracey

    Choppy video on turns

    Hi everyone Looking for some tips and best practices when filming turns, below is a link to a video from a series I publish once a month documenting the construction of the new A14 road near Cambridge. As you can see at the point I marked in the video it gets a little choppy when I do a big...
  20. S

    codecs cannot view videos

    I cannot view the videos or edit them. I have a windows 7 computer. I use adobe premier elements. I have tried windows movie maker. All of them will not play the video due to not having the correct codec. I dont know how to get the proper codec or how to install. Can anyone help. DJI support...