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  1. Derlisz

    Ghost Town of Granadilla - Lost in time.

    This visually stunning little walled town has a very rich history over ages previously being a capital of its own region of Tierras de Granadilla and head of the judicial district. In 1950 the town was evacuated due to a newly built Gabriel y Galán reservoir. The water has never risen to a level...
  2. Bjørn

    No Fly Zone Palafolls

    Hi there, This week I'm on holliday in Spain. My hotel is in Pineda de Mar, nearby Blanes. I heard it is a beautiful place but when I look at ENAIRE Drones I see a no fly zone with: ALERTA: Se encuentra en el área de seguridad de una actividad de Ultraligero. Palafolls. Debe contactar con el...
  3. H

    Flying my M2Pro on the island of Mallorca

    I'm really proud of this huge panoramic i got with my M2Pro on a trip to Mallorca a few weeks ago. The original is far too large to post anywhere at over 28000 pixels wide! Here is a link to a 360 interactive version even that version had to be reduced to 12000 X 6000 pixels. If you're...
  4. L

    Drones Laws in Menorca, Spain

    Hi, Heading to Menorca soon and cant really find much information on flying there. Anyone else found anything helpful? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. KangaAir

    The way to San José by Mavic Air

    Where the deserts of Southern Spain and the Mediterranean present a unique beauty & lifestyle.
  6. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - Series Promotion Spain

    Series Promotion Film location: Spain Drone: Mavic Air KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural beauty of our planet, diverse lifestyle and cultures...
  7. KangaAir

    KangaAir - Clouds of Inspiration Project - Segovia Magic, Spain

    E18 Segovia Mágica Film location: Segovia, Spain Drone: Mavic Air Video: 1080P 30 & 60fps KangaAir is an aerial photographer and passionate observer of nature, life & lifestyle. Mission: Publisher of digital images and promoter of music talent. We help reveal the natural beauty of our...
  8. C

    Flying in Spain Torrevieja

    Hello fellow drone operators! I am In Spain for vacation, and I did bring the drone with me. I have been trying to research and understand the local drone laws, but I can’t find a good translation, or explanation on whether I can fly in the Torrevieja area. I’m in a zone marked as “RVF” wich...
  9. Murkemur

    New Mavic Air Pilot from Netherlands, Groningen. Living in Madrid!

    Good afternoon ladies- and gentlepilots, My name is Mark 'Murkemur' Roossien and I'm a 26-year old guy flying with his Mavic Air drone in Netherlands and Spain. I am having my (plane)flight beginning of August and will live in Madrid with my girlfriend for a year. Going to fly the drone quite a...
  10. S

    Laws for Flying in Spain

    I'm going the Costa Brava this summer and i just got a mavic pro. I've read online that i can't film at the beach but i've seen many people fly there. Am I allowed to fly there?
  11. P

    Have Spain drone rules being relaxed

    I came across this article which states that the drone laws in Spain have been relaxed. Can anyone validate this news? Spanish drone rules rolled back I am traveling to Spain and need to know if it is safe to carry my drone to Spain.
  12. eutx9795

    One of the most famous islands at ancient history: Temple of Melqart-Hercules

    Hope you like this little piece of history This castle, located on an island at the mouth of the Caño de Sancti-Petri, is historically linked to one of the most important and famous temples of antiquity: the Temple of Melqart-Hercules. According to the historiography, in this temple was buried...
  13. Hodei

    Albarracín, Teruel. Spain. the first flights

    Hi there, here is my firts test video, hope you like it! with a Mavic Pro
  14. B

    Regulations in Tenerife

    Hi Pilots For July, I'm going to vacation on tenerife, and I wondered how to take my drone with. I have searched the forum and found some different information. Any drone under 2kg can be flown by anyone, but any drone over that weight requires a drone pilot’s licence. Drones must remain in...
  15. thefrisbee995

    Laws Flying in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)

    I'm off to Fuerteventura next week and would like to use my Mavic... Anybody know where I can see the laws/ rules for flying there? I know it's part of Spain and they have pretty tight laws against drones but I don't know what the rules would be on an island off of the main land.
  16. H

    Flying in spain

    Hi! I am going to Spain this summer, and I would like to take my Mavic and get some nice footage mainly for sharing with my family. I have been looking at the rules, and see that non-commercial flight should generally be allowed. I know there are loads of discussions about the rules in Spain...
  17. jbearing

    Castle in Spain

    Probably the longest walled fortification every built in Europe. And, they constructed it in a very remote location to make it very easy to Drone 1200 years later. Great history here. Gormaz Spain