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  1. S

    Air 3 Spain

    Once again a little movie. This time Spain, mainly Andalusia and Asturias.
  2. Yaros

    Air 3 S'Illot, Mallorca

  3. Sa Canova

    Sa Canova

    Sa Canova, Mallorca in Winter
  4. luismlozano

    Air 2 Galifornia sunset

    I live near a small bay in the Northwest of Spain, in a region called Galicia. The South of this region is called sometimes Galifornia, because it’s much sunnier than the average of the region. This is the 1st video I’ve recorded after purchasing my Mavic 2, some time ago.
  5. Yaros

    Enormous CTRs! Just, Why?

    Hey, I live in Mallorca, Spain. There are a couple of small airports that don't have unregulated airspace, and there is one big airport in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca, but the Controlled Airspace of that airport is just huge, even larger than Miami airport's controlled airspace...
  6. Yaros

    Misinformed police trying to claim that I can't fly in my area

    I have been flying drones around the area where I live for 2 years now with no major issues with anyone, well, I guess that changed. I suppose that someone of my neighbors reported me to the police for flying a drone. To clarify, I live in a good to fly zone, it is legal to fly here, it's class...
  7. Yaros

    Air 2 Video of Very Low Clouds over Cala Millor, Mallorca!

    This is a video that I made recently when the clouds went low over the town of Cala Millor, where I live! Hope you like it! Any suggestions or critiques on video editing, color correction, and the video in general - welcome!
  8. jackdaws

    Mini 3 law question?

    Hey All, I have new mini 3. I live in Spain/Cañarías. Can anyone clarify what I need to do legally regarding licence etc for mini 3? I’ve searched online and I’m confused, is 249g exempt of licences? I just don’t know. so I thought someone here will know! I understand the no crowds, fly in...
  9. DroneTinker

    Mini 2 Cinematic Video of Antequera, Spain - 4K

    Shot on DJI Mini 2
  10. Yaros

    Air 2 A town in the middle of Mallorca

    This is a Panorama I made of Manacor, Mallorca, the ugliest town of Mallorca, but from the air it doesn't look that bad! Take a look at this 360 pano!
  11. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor Beach, Mallorca

    This is the video I recently made of Cala Millor Beach in the east coast of Mallorca. Hope you like it :) If you have any suggestions to make it better, I would like to know :)
  12. Yaros

    Air 2 Gorgeous mountains of Mallorca - Sa Calobra

    Decided to share a panorama and some photos from my flight over the mountains of Mallorca, this is Sa Calobra. This is the most beautiful place I have ever flown my drone in :)
  13. Yaros

    Air 2 My Area in 1950 vs 2022 from drone!

    I found some helicopter shots of my area from 1950, so I thought to make the same shots with my drone but now. Note: some of them aren't identical as I couldn't go above 120 meters with my drone (legally at least) Here are the photos, I think it's pretty cool!
  14. Yaros

    36-year-old man from Barcelona REPORTED for flying a drone through the Catalan capital

    He got fined for flying higher than 400ft, far away BVLOS, and over a city. I find this ridiculously unreasonable! He didn't do damage to anything, why fine him...
  15. Yaros

    Does DJI Care Refresh counts as an Insurance?

    Hello, I recently found out that you need insurance to fly in Spain, even if it's recreational. I have DJI Care Refresh, does that count as an insurance for the AESA/EASA?
  16. Yaros

    Air 2 Low Clouds & Rainbow from the Mountain (Cala Millor, Mallorca) in the afternoon

    Recently the weather here in Mallorca was bad, but one day of sun was a surprise! I flew the drone to the mountain to take some shots and there was a rainbow! What a nice surprise! Low Clouds after Rain (Cala Millor)
  17. Yaros

    How legal is it to fly in/over Benidorm, Spain?

    Hello, I live on the island of Mallorca, Spain and fly here regularly without any issues. I'm a registered pilot, have a license and everything. In december I want to visit Benidorm, it has one of the tallest buildings in Spain and in general pretty nice place (have been there before). But I'm...
  18. J

    DJI MINI 2 (UK based) - Estepona Spain : Restricted Photographic Flight (PVF)

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with this? I have my flyer ID and operator ID (Flyer ID - I know the course isn’t necessary for the UK due to my drone weight but did it anyway). I have just completed the A1/A3 course in Luxenberg so I can now use my Mini 2 in Europe (operator ID is...
  19. Pindio

    ¿Comprar drone ahora o esperar a los marcados CE?

    Buenos días: Abro debate. He obtenido el certificado de ?????? ??? ?? ????????́? ??????? ?? ? ??; y me he dado de alta en el ???????? ?? ???????? ???. Me entra la duda de si comprar ahora un DJI Mavic Air 2 o un DJI Mavic 2 Pro o esperar a los nuevos que vengan marcados con la etiqueta CE. Los...
  20. Autumn sunset | Mavic Air 2 4K

    Autumn sunset | Mavic Air 2 4K

    Wonderful autumn sunset from Catalunya, Spain. - Drone: Mavic Air 2 - Resolution: 4K 60fps & 4K 30fps - Color profile: D-CINELIKE & HDR