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  1. R

    Mavic air crashed

    i crashed my mavic air and now it says the drone is overheated but i opened up the drone and found out the fan is smashed, where should i be buying the drone replacement parts from ? opening up the drone, i also saw the wires(not the ribbon but the others that go in bunch) coming from camera is...
  2. Ajotapl

    Cell Deviations | Mavic Air

    Hey Guys, I was reading a bit about the cell Deviation in the battery, so far what I understood is that it means the battery has some malfunction. Since it's a new Mavic Air (1 week old) it seems impossible that I've received a broken battery, however I'd appreciate if anyone with more...
  3. F

    Almost Crash my Mavic Air

    Last friday I almost Crash my MA, I lost video feedback but I thougt it was going in an unobstructed courses so O keep taken it forward. When I regain video feedback I was stop by itself before crashing. First time I have needed the anti-collision sensors, good work DJI.
  4. S

    Dubai Mavic Pilot

    Hey everyone! Just got my mavic air in Dubai - UAE. Any experiences in good places to start with my drone here in Dubai? Thanks
  5. Sir Maxwell Greene

    Ghost Tower, Bangkok at dawn

    Early morning mission to the "Ghost Tower" in Bangkok.
  6. Skyflypilotman

    Mavic Air Review -Can it be used in the field?

    After bringing this out in the field with me sevarql times and actually putting it to work, I figured I write a review on it. So can the Mavic air be a viable drone for commercial work. Here’s my opinion.
  7. B

    Barometer Disconnected

    Hello, I have had my Mavic air for about a year and a half. It’s never been in a crash and I have always taken great care of it. I recently updated it but didn’t try and fly it for a week later. I then went to the beach and tried to take off but as soon as I turned on the drone I got an error...
  8. kbeeg

    Abandoned Indian Boarding School - Oklahoma

    I shot this around Christmas with my Mavic Air before I traded it in on my Mavic 2 Pro. I also edited in some photos I took inside with my Nikon D7200. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
  9. citizendefenseusa

    New to Drones, Private Pilot

    Just got a Mavic Air and looking for any good guidance on starting tips to get proficient with the software and features. Flight controls are fine, but eventually looking to get better at good cinematography settings, etc. I've looked at plenty of videos already but like to know all aspects of...
  10. J

    first picture with mavic pro and lightroom

    what do you guys think, i need to learn all the features in lightroom but i think it is pretty good. but i need to learn not to get the glare from the sun in the lens, which filters (ND or UV) do i have to use?
  11. K

    SOLD : DJI Mavic Air Onyx Black in MINT Condition - $620

    Selling my Mavic Air in mint condition. No drops or scratches on the body or battery. Comes with extra battery and car charger. All original accessories and box included as it came from the original sale. Price $620 USD. Shipping in CONUS only. Paypal preferred.
  12. h1s0k4

    Hello from Hanoi , Vietnam !

    Hello guys , I'm from Vietnam . And this is my aircraft :D I designed and made the skin myself .
  13. C

    Mavic Air WiFi - iPhone Screen Quailty

    Quick question from a newb.... Do you ever get lag on your iPhone screen in areas you’ve flown before where you never experienced lag on the video stream? For instance, I fly in a park where I have never experienced any loss of screen quality or lag from the stream to my iPhone, but when I flew...
  14. h1s0k4

    Mavic Air battery mod

    Hi there , it's me from Vietnam . I read the thread " Mavic pro battery mod " for hours but can not find any thread about Mavic Air battery mod . I have a Mavic air because it's very compact and suit for me when I have to travel with my camera gears . I only found this : DJI Mavic Air Battery...
  15. P

    How To Take Mavic Air From Dubai Airport?

    Hi! I got replacement from from DJI. A new Mavic Air. On my request, DJI sent it from Hong Kong to Dubai, from where a friend will get it to India. I have heard that the authorities at Dubai airports are strict about drones. Have heard two instance where a friend was carrying a drone unpacked...
  16. C

    Mavic Air Battery Questions

    Hello everyone, Another question from a newbie. I usually fly every day, but with all the rain I haven’t had a chance so it’s been 10 days since my last flight. I charged up the battery to 100 precent after my last use as I always do and today 10 days later I noticed that the battery felt...
  17. 3F9A0D41-7026-4658-BC01-8DB89B6A0BD8


  18. SD-Pilot

    New Pilot From San Diego CA

    Hello Everyone - I’m happy to report that I’m a proud new owner of a Mavic Air. I fly a P4 at work but I’m LOVING the portability of my new Air. I won’t lie, I’ve had some errors with the compass and IMU, but overall, I’m loving this drone. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on this site and...
  19. johnnybflyguy

    Kefalonia an Island in the Ionian sea.

    Mavic Air Asteroid small rock in the Ionian sea, The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | SkyPixel.comThe world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | SkyPixel.com
  20. Medyuha

    Greece. Crete. Hersonissos. Review please.

    I want to share the first video on a trip to Crete. Greece. Feedback is appreciated.