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  1. Q

    East Point Military Precinct, Darwin Australia with the DJI Mavic Air

    East Point Military Precinct, located just 10 minutes from Darwin CBD, has several military structures that are listed in the Register of the National Estate. Forming a pivotal part of Australia’s military history, East Point was the home of Australia’s last major fortress. It continues to be a...
  2. SteveHudsonPhotography

    MA 1 Replacement Controller...

    Hey guys, A couple of weeks ago some condensation got inside my MA 1 remote and now its no good, rather than go through insurance (which means paying an excess of £100) or just sending for repair I figured I'd prefer to just buy new... Well thats easier said than done, I can't find anywhere...
  3. Q

    Territory Day Fireworks [4K] - Darwin, Australia (2019)

    FIREWORKS have been a much-loved – and sometimes loathed – part of Territory Day since 1980. Over the years, other states in Australia have banned the private use of fireworks, but Territorians still retain that freedom. Territorians love cracker night - and this video shows it. Territorians set...
  4. Q

    Australia’s deadliest road from the DJI Mavic Air

    Australia’s deadliest road from the DJI Mavic Air
  5. J

    FCC or CE mode?

    Hi guys, about the FCC mode, what do you prefer, is it for you more stable for you? I don't mind to go more than 1km away but is it worth to switch to FCC? Thanks
  6. J

    320 Panorama Little planet

    Hi guys, I tried to do a 360 Panorama in order to make a little planet picture. Which program do you use to do it? I have a Mac book air. My 1st try was today, not so good but I would like to do it better. I did it with the THETA+ Android app. I am not so excited with the result. I flew...
  7. Q

    Enjoy a Sunset Chill with the DJI Mavic Air

    Forget about everything that's going on in the world and enjoy this chilled sunset video from Darwin, Australia.
  8. ID8 Pete


    A quick edit off the shore of the west side of Maui.
  9. S

    Mavic Air How To Make Night hyperlapse

    hello can anyone say best camera settings and modes for mavic air on night hyperlapse
  10. M

    Mavic Air Cooling fan making Horrible Noise?

    I am pretty sure this noise is NOT normal, I would really appreciate some feedback from other Mavic Air owner's Thank You. Video of the issue =
  11. Okanagan Valley_003

    Okanagan Valley_003

    August, 2019
  12. Okanagan Valley_002

    Okanagan Valley_002

    August, 2019
  13. Okanagan Valley_001

    Okanagan Valley_001

    August, 2019
  14. R

    Mavic air crashed

    i crashed my mavic air and now it says the drone is overheated but i opened up the drone and found out the fan is smashed, where should i be buying the drone replacement parts from ? opening up the drone, i also saw the wires(not the ribbon but the others that go in bunch) coming from camera is...
  15. Ajotapl

    Cell Deviations | Mavic Air

    Hey Guys, I was reading a bit about the cell Deviation in the battery, so far what I understood is that it means the battery has some malfunction. Since it's a new Mavic Air (1 week old) it seems impossible that I've received a broken battery, however I'd appreciate if anyone with more...
  16. F

    Almost Crash my Mavic Air

    Last friday I almost Crash my MA, I lost video feedback but I thougt it was going in an unobstructed courses so O keep taken it forward. When I regain video feedback I was stop by itself before crashing. First time I have needed the anti-collision sensors, good work DJI.
  17. S

    Dubai Mavic Pilot

    Hey everyone! Just got my mavic air in Dubai - UAE. Any experiences in good places to start with my drone here in Dubai? Thanks
  18. Sir Maxwell Greene

    Ghost Tower, Bangkok at dawn

    Early morning mission to the "Ghost Tower" in Bangkok.
  19. Skyflypilotman

    Mavic Air Review -Can it be used in the field?

    After bringing this out in the field with me sevarql times and actually putting it to work, I figured I write a review on it. So can the Mavic air be a viable drone for commercial work. Here’s my opinion.