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    TSA and Mavic Pro Batteries M

    Taking a vacation here shortly, I have four batteries for my Mavic. As of right now they are secured individually in foam cutouts in my pelican case that houses all my accessories. Do you recommend taking the batteries out and bringing them with me as a carry on, or stowing them with my checked...
  2. J

    ***SOLD*** 2 Mavic Pro Batteries for sale ***SOLD***

    I have 2 Mavic Pro batteries for sale on craigslist in USA, idaho area, buyer pays shipping cost. Mavic Pro Batteries click link to craigslist, or I can sell separately for $65 ea.
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    Storing Mavic Pro Batteries Properly for Months...

    I'm going out of town for 2 months & need to store my Mavic Pro batteries. I read that if they discharge to below a certain level it renders them no good. What's the best way to deal with this situation? DJI doesn't seem to have an answer. Thanks in advance.