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  1. V

    iPad Mount for Air Controller

    Can anyone recommend a good iPad mount for the new Mavic Air controller? The current Mavmount that fits the Pro and Spark controllers does not fit the Air controller because of the new joystick storage area. Looking to use an iPad Mini with it. I don’t like the idea of squeezing the iPad between...
  2. D

    Who's happy with their bag with a MavMount & iPad?

    I waited to get a bag for a few weeks after buying my Mavic. Now that I am happy with the MavMount holder and an iPad, I'm ready to get a bag. Of course, I'll also want to include an extra battery. Does anyone have a bag they are happy with that accommodates all of this?
  3. Adamcain112


    If you have the Mavmount for the ipad mini I found, if you mount the holder on the back instead of bottom. You can see the whole RC screen and buttons. You just have to look over slightly the other way it covers it totally.
  4. Ping^Spike

    Mavmount USB cable length?

    I've taken the plunge! Ordered a mavmount from the USA. Currently I run an iPad Mini 2 and use a short, braided, right angle 'TOWAYS' USB <> Lightning cable (which I love). However, it'll be too short for the mavmount. What's the ideal cable length?
  5. Shep

    Minimal Packing for Mavic Pro, Fly More, MavMount, Hoodman and extra gear!

    For the pilot, space is always a commodity! The beauty of the Mavic Pro is the size and portability, but adding gear is a problem! The Magic Pro with Fly More package barely fits in the bag, but what if you want to use a iPad, or a MavMount, or the Hoodman or another battery? In this video I...
  6. B

    MavMount Review

    Hey folks- I had the awesome opportunity to try out some really neat toys at International Drone Day in Portland, Oregon as one of the organizers- I normally fly with my iphone with the Mavic but find it to be a pain in the rear to see things on the small screen. To give you background I...
  7. D

    Mavmount + power brick = extended flight time

    So, I know this isn't the most portable solution, but if I'm sitting down to fly through 3 batteries, I like this setup I put together. Any thoughts / suggestions? All photos @ DJI Mavic Pro controller with mount + Anker power brick