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max altitude

  1. Thomas A Gara

    Max Altitude

    Hi Folks, I work in archaeology in the Andes (6,000 meters max) so the question is what is the maximum altitude for a Thunder Drone? I could be working at 5,500 meters or more where the air is quite thin.
  2. trelliz

    Hacking max altitude on newer Mavic Pros fail

    I have just learned the hard way that newer models of mavic pros (with initial 1.3.1 FW or newer) cannot be simply downgraded, but must also be disassembled and an extra micro sd card must be inserted in order for the drone to work. Otherwise you will get "cannot take off message" and sd card...
  3. DownandLocked

    800' Radio Tower - Can I Legally Fly to the Top of It?

    Understanding the US 400' max. altitude, can I legally fly to the top of a local TV tower that is 800' tall to shoot a 360 panorama image? There sure won't be an airplanes anywhere near it? That could be an interesting shot. If it's legal, does DJI limit my flight to only 400'?