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maximum altitude

  1. Wanderlust_shot

    Highest take off altitude for mavic 2

    Hi, everyone. My name is david Im currently traveling in Bolivia ( the land where there are not drone regulations it all, expect for airports) Im about to take a trip to one of the mountains here in la paz ( huayna potosi/ 6094m) And i was wanting to do some shots of the top. I was...
  2. Joymaker

    Unlocking the full potential

    In the FAQ for the Mavic air on DJI's site, I saw that the maximum operating elevation above takeoff is 5000 feet. But the DJI Go 4 app sets the limit at 500m, or ~1600 feet. Is there some way to get past that to go higher? Because I live in a mountainous area, and this summer I hope to go...
  3. joekulis

    Mavic will not travel more than 30 meters away.

    Not in Beginners mode, but can not get the drone to go higher or further than 30m. Says I have reached maximum height and distance.
  4. TrayBoz

    Unit of Measurement - Metric V Imperial in DJI Go4 App

    Question: In the Advanced Settings you can choose what unit of measurement you want to use, Imperial or Metric. Being a stupid American I chose Imperial since I generally think in terms of feet, yards and miles rather than meters or kilometers. But in the setting labeled "Distance Limit"...