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  1. Kvon100

    New Mavic Pro owner in Macomb Michigan

    Well this is my first time actually buying something that takes videos and pictures (besides my iPhone) and I must say this is just simply amazing. The price is a bit high, but once I got to use it and learn some stuff, my god this is a piece of work. I have been looking for accessories to make...
  2. 4

    Greetings from Michigan US and A

    Hello everyone! Just a wannabe MP owner at this point from the Metro Detroit area. Saving up tho! Have a couple-a friends that are owners/pilots and are having a blast. Can't wait!
  3. TomKemp

    Greetings from Michigan

    Hello Im from MI new to drones but decided to go all in withthe fly more package. I've been looking around the forums everybody seems friendly. Loving my mavic! one question i have is all the buisness of flying in Costa Rica all my research has been conflicting if someone could help it woulf be...