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  1. Patman Droneography

    2 Pro CLOSE Call with Seagulls!

    I want to hear/see your 'close calls'. It may have been 13 degrees F outside, but I WAS SWEATING! Just one little nudge and my M2P would have been lost to the freezing cold waters of Lake Michigan.
  2. Patman Droneography

    3 Downtown Battle Creek, MI Night Flight Christmas Light Display 2021

    Its Incredible how much better the camera quality is on the Mavic 3 then the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I used the Mavic 3 for Aerial shots and used my iPhone 13 Pro Max on a DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal.
  3. Patman Droneography

    Greetings from Battle Creek, Michigan

    Hello from Battle Creek Michigan! The cereal capital of the world. I've been flying for about 6 years, started with the Phantom 3 Advanced, upgraded to the Mavic 2 pro, and Just added a Mavic 3 to the tool bag. I've had my part 107 since 2019, opened my side hustle "Patman Droneography"...
  4. S

    Air 2 Mackinac Bridge, MI

    Shot this during a recent trip to the Michigan UP. Enjoy!
  5. MetalDetectingMichigan

    Pro River in my home town

    Took this photo of a river in my home town. Photo was taken with Mavic Pro
  6. Photo Bomber

    The Fort Gratiot lighthouse captured with my Mavic Air

  7. A

    DJI Mavic Pro group near Grand Rapids MI

    New to drones and would like to find a support group, or better yet others who love to fly their drones. Any groups in Michigan and can contact?
  8. DesignFlaw06

    Hello from Muskegon, MI

    I had my Phantom 3 Pro for a few years, but recently sold it for a Mavic Air. I needed something more portable and the Air specs aren't far off from the P3P. I've only had a few flights with the Air, but I am quite impressed. The range has been more than enough. Battery life isn't much...
  9. Swing4TheRing

    The Little Tugboat that Could

    Watched this tugboat push a large barge out of the harbor... freshwater shipping at it's finest!
  10. A


  11. A


  12. A

    Michigan Stadium - 4k

  13. A


  14. Swing4TheRing

    Northern Michigan

    A little compilation of Northern Michigan's lower peninsula... just because... not my best footage as these were from earlier flights. So only watch if you're bored.
  15. Swing4TheRing

    Mavic vs Wind Turbines

    Had some time to grab some b-roll and slap this little video together. Thoughts, comments, critiques? Always looking to get better...
  16. A

    Wind Farm in Michigan - 4K

  17. Swing4TheRing

    From the Mitten

    Cheers from the Mitten state (Michigan)! Had my Mavic "Biscuit" for 2 weeks now and loving it! Working on a YouTube channel and using the little bugger for helping research potential treasure sites to metal detect.
  18. B

    Newbie question: Local ordinance in Michigan

    I'm a newbie in drone and I just got my first drone, Mavic Pro, this year. I'm a student living in Michigan, but not a US citizen, so I need to be very careful in terms of law & regulations. I noticed almost all cities or townships here have ordinances that prohibit model aircraft from flying...
  19. Kvon100

    New Mavic Pro owner in Macomb Michigan

    Well this is my first time actually buying something that takes videos and pictures (besides my iPhone) and I must say this is just simply amazing. The price is a bit high, but once I got to use it and learn some stuff, my god this is a piece of work. I have been looking for accessories to make...
  20. 4

    Greetings from Michigan US and A

    Hello everyone! Just a wannabe MP owner at this point from the Metro Detroit area. Saving up tho! Have a couple-a friends that are owners/pilots and are having a blast. Can't wait!