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  1. Marcass Carcass

    Dronelink mission complete!!!!

    I have a MA2, I am ready to try out my new mission. This is the first time letting Dronelink "take over my drone" I just want to make sure I am going to do this right, ok start drone, start remote, start dronelink, take off, then start mission in dronelink. Is this correct and/or will I need...
  2. bneuhaus

    Can I download my Litchi missions to CrystalSky?

    Hi, I would like to download the Litchi-missions programmed on the Litchi-website for my Mavic Pro to my Litchi-App on CrystalSky. I can save missions that I develop direct with Litchi on CrystalSky and reload them but I cannot access any Litchi-missions developed on my PC. Any ideas how to...
  3. C

    Wanted: Animation of Litchi missions

    I am kinda new to Litchi missions with the first couple doing unexpected moves. And so I can see a real need for an app or program or extra that uses the mission statement to fly in animation - using an icon flying the route in 3D, rotating as instructed, and calling out extra actions as they...
  4. T

    LITCHI - how to move mission to different location.

    Hello! I make hard mission for one place, i want use my mission in different location with Android, without PC/Mac. How hack it? Thank you
  5. MavicMikeGA

    Where are previously saved waypoints stored?

    Where are the previous waypoint routes stored? I can only find my most recent waypoint mission. I've done several over the last week or so but only a single one, which is the most recent one, is available to select. tks!