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  1. SkyInsight

    Mini 2 My first video.

    Just a small video let me know what you think. Is the watermark too big here? I shouldn't care about people stealing my video for such a beginner video lol but I do. So I added the watermark.
  2. The Kracka

    Hola from MO

    Hello from the STL, MO area. As an outdoor and photography enthusiast been wanting a drone for many years and finally feel ready to spoil myself. Considering the Air2s fly more combo. On the fence if I should opt for the smart controller package or the standard controller and utilize my Pixel 5...
  3. F

    New member from the show me state

    Got my mavic air 2 recently. registered in FAA. had few flights and enjoying it so far. I already found this forum to be very useful. Thanks
  4. K

    New Pilot St Louis Area.

    Recently moved to Wentzville and just got a Mavic Pro Platinum. Finally did a few test flights today and am loving it although a little nervous. :)
  5. A

    Hello From Saint Louis , Missouri

    Hey Mavic Experts & Fellow Drone pilots , I recently got my Mavic Pro , enjoying the experience so far . I was wondering if any one of you might have suggestions about good areas to fly Drones in and around Saint Louis . ( I have been flying my drone at Creve coeur lake as of now ) Thanks, Archit
  6. CeeJaa56

    Newbie from the Midwest (Missouri)

    Just got my Mavic Pro with Fly More Combo yesterday. So excited! I've been on the fence about getting one (drone/quad copter) until the other day when a friend asked me to help them set up and fly their new Karma Drone. I was hooked. And after much research and analysis, I settled on the Mavic...
  7. J

    Hit Me Up if You Find Yourself in Springfield, Mo.

    Just wanted to leave this here in case someone close to me gets into the Mavic world and is looking to go do some flying. I'm just starting out in the UAS world with a Mavic but I can tell I'm going to always enjoy this. :) Thanks! Jeff
  8. B

    Hello from Kansas City Metro

    After 7 weeks I got my Mavic Pro last Friday. I am so excited. Problem is: 1) Nerves 2) Snow Once the Snow goes away, my nerves will go away and I will fly the hell out of this UAV. Can't wait to see what it will do.