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motor arm replacement

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    Crashed mini 2 burnt motor - help!

    Accidentally hit a small end branch of a tree about 30 feet high, the mini 2 fell to the ground, blades spinning, small branch stuck on the right rear arm when I picked it up. The right rear arm motor felt very hot and smelled. One of the blades broke off. After letting things cool down, all 4...
  2. H

    Motor replacement question.

    I crashed my drone and bent my front left motor. I’m looking to purchase a replacement and I was wondering if all the motors are interchangeable and it doesn’t matter from which arm the replacement comes from.
  3. W

    Recovering from "Power system hardware error. Restart aircraft (Code: 30210)"

    I don't know if this should go on to the "Mavic Mini 2 Help" board ... anyway, I recently encountered the error (Code: 30210) on my Mini 2, which never crashed not even close. You may enjoy the lengthy story or simply skip it, if this was not the proper location...
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    75% of antennas ?

    My fun all started with replacing a front right motor. I noticed the motor was hot, burn my finger hot. There was a lot of rotation resistance. Time to watch you tube to see how to replace it! After a 28 minute video I said to myself “I can do that”. It was all going great until it was time to...