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national park

  1. hagman23

    What Would You Do?

    In my daily life, I work in marketing, advertising, Social Media, etc and every once in a while, I come across things like this video I will post below. It starts off nice, but within a short amount of time, I see there are some National Park NFZ flights happening. The most infuriating point...
  2. A

    California Redwoods, State Park or National Park?

    I’m going to California in a few days and I am unclear on some things. I am going to be at the Jedediah Smith State Park but when looking at various maps I see that it is inside the Redwood National park. I’m unclear as to whether I can fly my drone as it is called a state park and a national...
  3. GeekAthair

    Flying In The Olympic Peninsula (WA)

    I have an anniversary trip coming up in May with my beautiful bride and will be staying in the Forks area for 2 nights. I know Most of the coastline is protected and off-limits from Queets up to Neah Bay and the National Park land is entirely off-limits but if I understand correctly, National...
  4. Guillermo Menéndez

    Memories of the Gran Pantanal

    Hello friends. I invite you to a one-way trip near one of the least visited triple borders, inside an environment of wild nature still preserved in the heart of South America. I hope you enjoy it
  5. NaweG

    Any way to apply for a permit/waiver to fly in a National Park?

    Per the title, I am wondering if there is anything similar to what we have here in Texas where you can apply for a filming permit to the specific park you want (several weeks in advance of your visit, FYI) and that covers flying a drone. No preference given to Part 107 or not though I can...
  6. C

    NPS (National Park Service) and sUAS

    Hey y'all. I'll be taking a trip around several Utah NP's this summer. I'm aware of all the rules about not taking off in the park, and the loophole that you can take off/land outside the park and be fine, but I was wondering if any of y'all have actually been able to obtain official permission...
  7. Robert S

    Namadgi National Park, ACT, Australia

    It may not be so well known that the ACT, Australia has some spectacular scenery. Namadji is the only national park in the ACT. Enjoy, and comments welcome!