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national park

  1. N

    Any way to apply for a permit/waiver to fly in a National Park?

    Per the title, I am wondering if there is anything similar to what we have here in Texas where you can apply for a filming permit to the specific park you want (several weeks in advance of your visit, FYI) and that covers flying a drone. No preference given to Part 107 or not though I can...
  2. C

    NPS (National Park Service) and sUAS

    Hey y'all. I'll be taking a trip around several Utah NP's this summer. I'm aware of all the rules about not taking off in the park, and the loophole that you can take off/land outside the park and be fine, but I was wondering if any of y'all have actually been able to obtain official permission...
  3. Robert S

    Namadgi National Park, ACT, Australia

    It may not be so well known that the ACT, Australia has some spectacular scenery. Namadji is the only national park in the ACT. Enjoy, and comments welcome!