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national parks

  1. Guillermo Menéndez

    Paraguayan dry Chaco

    Hello everyone and greetings from South America! I wanna share with you all a bit of paraguayan dry chaco from air. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Bruhaha

    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

    I was flying my Mavic pro around a beautiful large bridge along the Natchez Parkway near Nashville Tennessee. Got some great shots and entertained those walking across the bridge. A couple of days later a sign with a X through the picture of a drone appeared. I think the entire 460 miles of the...
  3. Robert S

    Visiting Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

    We're heading to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania in April. Can somebody recommend scenic spots outside the National Park when I can legally fly my Mavic? There seem to be a number of nearby conservation areas that aren't national parks. I also see on Google Maps that there's a Cradle Mountain...
  4. mojpoj

    Told I Couldn't Fly in a National Park

    I recently visited Gila National Monument (owned by the National Park Service) to see the Cliff Dwellings with my family. When we walked up to go into the Cliff Dwellings, I saw a US Forestry Service and a National Park Service sign, side by side. The ranger said the parking lot and everything...
  5. J

    Traveling to Iceland

    First Post! Going to Iceland in about 2 weeks and am planning to take my Mavic Pro with me (First trip out of the UK with it) I have seen online, a lot of general tourists complaining about Drones at the main tourist destinations and wondered if anyone has had any issue with others...
  6. mph300

    Guaging value on flying in National Parks

    If you were to have interest in flying in a National Park, what kind of value would you place on that opportunity?
  7. mph300

    Review temp law on drone ban in National Parks

    I thought since President Trump is all about looking at the commercial potential for drone use, why not try and get their attention on hobby flight in National Parks. Mr. President please review the "Temporary" law on restricting hobby drone flight in our National Parks | We the People: Your...
  8. T

    Flying over the Rainforest of Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

    Been away for a while because of work and thus never posted for months...........but here's my video of my trip to Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia earlier this year. This vast national park is often billed as the world's oldest tropical rainforest, and is a very important conservation...
  9. mamitagadventures

    YOSEMITE - Hike to Vernal Falls

    (Note to Drone Operators: As much as I wanted to fly the drone in Yosemite. Drones are BANNED in all National Parks in USA. All drone/aerial shots were taken before entering Yosemite. Please be respectful. Fly safe and keep on creating awesome content!!) Enjoy this nature video on our hike to...