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nature drone video

  1. Guillermo Menéndez

    Pro Flight over the triple border (UY - BR - AR)

    Two overflights in the extreme north of Uruguay. The first one is over the mouth of the Cuareim River in the Uruguay River, triple border with Brazil and Argentina, taking off from Puerto Pedregullo, located within the Rincón de Franquía Environmental Protection Area. The second one, over the...
  2. Tryaksha

    2 Pro Belogradchick Rocks, Bulgaria

    I had shot this footage sometime last year. Haven't got around to color correcting it. My Davinci skills in color-coding are a bit rustic :) but I am sure I will get around and start processing the videos more efficiently. Shot on Mavic 2 pro without any filters. Towards the end of the video...
  3. take a hike

    2 Pro A hardcore hike at the Solomon Mt. ( not the one in CA )

    One of the best hiking trails in the south, and only 20min drive from Eilat, a perfect trail for the hardcore hiker staying in Eilat. Be waned though, the trail has many drop offs and narrow trails going between haven to earth, not recommended for those who are afraid of heights. Taken using...
  4. take a hike

    2 Pro Canyoning w/ a Drone - an unforgettable adventure

    An incredible adventure to the scenery Gilabun riverRappelling on the ever flowing waterfalls and swimming in it's cold water pools, an adventure like no other. Especially challenging was to rappel down those waterfalls w/o having any of the equipment soaked w/ water, surprisingly, my...
  5. take a hike

    2 Pro A unique Caving Adventure

    A spontaneous visit to a nearby vertical cave. Taking some drone footage on the scramble to the cave entrance, Rappelling down through a 25 meters shaft into a beautiful stalactites cave, Climbing the way back to safe ground was abit more challenging and few had to be pulled up using a pulley...
  6. Murat Bozbulut

    Mini Aydos Forest Istanbul - Shot by DJI Mavic Mini with ND filters

    Aydos Forest The highest hill of Istanbul with an altitude of 537 meters. ''Aydos'' means eagle in Greek language. You can easily jog and hike here through the trails besides looking at the beautiful trees and enjoying nature. All footage shot by DJI Mavic Mini in 2.7 K with sunnylife ND...
  7. MavicPilotGermany

    New video from yesterday

    Hello my friends, today i was cutting the footage from my fly yesterday in the near of my hometown. It`s a litte bit slow and maybe you can use this video to fall a sleep ;) Greetings Simon
  8. blackomega

    Don't Go chasing Waterfalls

    Chasing Waterfalls on the Skeena River close to Kwinitsa
  9. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Swarms of Sand Dollars in the Salish Sea

    The floor of shallow inlets of the Sallish Sea play host to a spectacle of nature when Sand Dollars gather in their thousands. These odd creatures live as long as 13 years, and feed upon all manner of detritus, cleaning the water of the ocean on an impressive scale. They are a vital part of the...
  10. blackomega

    Skeena River Sea Lions Video 2

    Here is my second video of the Skeena River sea lions. I recorded so much, decided to make a second video for you
  11. LP Drone Videos

    Philippines in 4K

    Check out my video from the Philippines. If you like it subscribe to my channel. thank you :)
  12. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Blue Sky over Woodard Bay - Eagles, Seals, and jelly fish!

    Woodard Bay is an idyllic wild haven nestled in the southern reaches of Puget Sound - a wild refuge in the bustling waters of the Sallish Sea. Here sea birds flock to the riches brought flooding in on the tides, and harbor seals bask on old docks from a long forgotten era. Ancient trees still...
  13. A

    LankaTuber - Abdul Baset

    I recently bought a drone and started a new youtube channel. Please check out my videos and subscribe to my channel (LankaTuber). Thank you in advance Visit my Youtube Channel LankaTuber